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Calendar of Upcoming Physical Therapy Events

Start-Up Summit

Free Instant Webinar

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For: Physical therapists interested in opening their own physical therapy practice. If you've always wanted to be an independent owner with a blueprint to help you achieve success - then this is the event for you! Learn everything you need to know to start your own PT Practice!

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Beyond Break-Even

Free Live Webinar

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For: Physical therapists in private practice who want to learn what it takes to move beyond break-even in private practice.  Join Kirk Painter, DPT  for a LIVE Q&A to discuss the steps he has taken in his practice to achieve strong profitability while putting his patients first. 

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FYZICAL Investor Summit

Free Instant Webinar

15 Minutes

For: Investor partners who want to understand the franchise opportunity available through FYZICAL. If you're looking for business opportunities in the healthcare franchise space, learn how you can get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary model with nearly 500 locations nationwide.Learn More




LIVE Webinar with Kirk Painter, DPT


Achieving Profitability While Putting Patients First

Join Kirk Painter, DPT - a private practice owner of 26 years, for a LIVE Q&A to learn what it takes to go from break-even year-over-year to strong profits in just 9 months!

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Master Franchise Summit 

Watch our instant webinar event for investors who want to learn about a rare opportunity in franchising. 

Topics Include:

  • Master Franchisee Benefits: Masters earn territory fees from sub-franchised units and a portion of the royalty. 
  • How to develop a master territory and what to expect. 
  • Why FYZICAL is a uniquely positioned franchise that operates within three thriving industries: health, wellness, and audiology.
  • Understand the unique differentiators, company growth and projections, and financial data of the master franchise offering

Followed by a Q&A Session with Chief Development Officer, Scott Wendrych.

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Start-Up Summit 

Free Webinar 


Interested in Opening Your Own Physical Therapy Practice?

Industry Experts Will Cover Everything You Want to Know About Starting Your Own Practice At Our Physical Therapy Events:

  • New Clinic Business Planning
  • Market Identification
  • Credentialing
  • Space Design and Equipment
  • Financing Opportunities 
  • Investment / Return on Investment
  • Marketing your New Practice
  • The PT Model of the Future
  • AND MUCH MORE!       
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For PT Practice Owners

Instant Watch Webinar 

Add value to your practice, overcome challenges, and build a plan for your future at a time of unprecedented change in physical therapy. 

Topics Include:

  • Business Optimization Strategies to improve conversions, ways to standout from the competition, and how to track key metrics.
  • Driving lasting growth through balance therapy, adding cash-based services, and everything you need to know to market effectively.
  • How to work ON your business, not IN it.
  • A road map to plan a brighter future to remain independent but not alone by focusing on strategic partnerships

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FYZICAL Investor Summit

Instant Watch Webinar 
Run Time: 15 Minutes

Interested in Opening a FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Franchise? 

If you're considering the medical franchise industry for your next investment, you should know the physical therapy industry is exploding with growth! There is no medical experience required to own our franchise, watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Extreme growth and demand of the physical therapy sector
  • Semi-Absentee ownership model
  • Low entry costs
  • Normal working hours - weekends optional!
  • The intersection of multiple thriving industries
  • The unique differentiator that propels our partners toward profit
  • And More!

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My business grew 28% before spending one penny marketing. This growth was attributed simply to improving the efficiency inside my current practice since joining FYZICAL. My cash sales have also grown an astonishing 2300%! Prior to FYZICAL, I looked at my business short-term. Did I have enough money that month to pay the bills? I never looked long term. Now, I have a 5-year plan. I have a purpose. If I follow everything, and stick to my strategic plan, I know I am going to get where I need to be.
Tony-Macaluso-Circle (1) (1)
Tony Macaluso
Franchisee / New Orleans, LA
Since joining FYZICAL, my practice has grown 45%. I’m also continuing to increase my cash sales of every unique patient that walks through my front door. The best part of my growth is that I now know that 45% more growth is still possible in the very near-term and I have a plan and a budget in place to make it happen.
eric-bjorkman-circle (1) (1)
Eric Bjorkman
Franchisee / Lincoln, NE
I had cold feet about joining FYZICAL but I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. Everyone at FYZICAL has been right by my side every step of the way and it shows! We opened our FYZICAL location in January 2019 and by mid-March we were starting to fill up. I thought because we were entering the "slow season" in Florida, my numbers would drop, but I stayed the course. I did all the marketing FYZICAL suggested and my visits are actually UP! I never thought I would get all the balance patients FYZICAL said I would but it's really happening! I never could have made this practice what it is without FYZICAL.
FyzManBT2019-1-1 (1)
Ginger Snead
Franchisee / Melbourne, FL

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