Hiring for Excellence In Your Physical Therapy Practice

Learn everything you need to know to curate the clinical and non-clinical team in your physical therapy practice


Healthcare Franchising as an Entrepreneur 

As an entrepreneur, you're used to navigating uncharted territory, but in the healthcare space that can somehow feel even more intimidating, especially if you don't have previous healthcare experience. In this webinar, we're going to show entrepreneurs what it takes to hire and train the ideal team for their physical therapy practice as well as what training and support FYZICAL provides to help set them up for success!


Webinar Topics

If you're ready to build the perfect, efficient, motivated team for your physical therapy practice, join Regional Director Denise Etter, PT, DPT, CIMT, and Franchise Regional Consultant R.J. Williams, PT, DPT for an exciting panel discussion. They will be discussing what it takes to properly staff and train the team in your physical therapy clinic as well as what qualities to look for when creating the best dynamic among your staff. This webinar will be packed with recruitment tips and techniques so you can find the right team players for your clinic to run effectively and efficiently!

Curating the Ideal Team

What roles do you need to thoroughly support a physical therapy practice? Do you know when to hire your next PTA or DPT? Are you aware of which roles can cross-train, and which roles are a siloed position? Join our panelists and learn exactly which roles you need in your clinic and the timeline for adding new positions. Can you name the five key roles you need in your PT clinic? We'll go over these roles and more during the webinar!

Attract and Retain Talent

Everyone wants to hire a unicorn - but hiring should be done with three things in mind: Cultural Fit, Coachability, Passion & Drive. Hiring employees who believe in your company values unites teams! During this webinar, you will learn what key traits will help you identify the candidate who is positioned to grow with your practice, not outgrow it.

Common Pitfalls of Hiring

Prepare yourself for the recruitment, screening, and hiring process ahead of time. You need to have a deep understanding of what qualities you are hiring for in each role and the techniques you need to use to screen them well for the position.  You could easily get caught up in some of the most common hiring pitfalls in the physical therapy industry - so tune in to learn not just the questions you should be asking but also the top red flags you should be watching out for during the hiring process! 

Meet the Speakers


Denise Etter,

Franchise Regional Consultant

Responsible for training and supporting FYZICAL practice owners and helping them develop their clinics and territories


R.J. Williams,

Franchise Regional Consultant

Responsible for training and supporting FYZICAL practice owners and helping them develop their clinics and territories


Event Agenda

Introductions: Meet the Speakers

Meet our event panelists, Denise Etter, PT, DPT, CIMT and R.J. Williams, PT, DPT., the Franchise Regional Consultants who work daily with FYZICAL practice owners.

Who Do You Hire? Defining Key Roles in the Clinic

Before you hire anyone, you need to define what roles are necessary for the clinic to operate smoothly and define the number of employees necessary based on clinic size.

Attracting Talent: Hiring the Best

What steps can you take to make the opportunity at your practice stand out to excellent talent?

Common Pitfalls: Hiring and Recruitment

Join our panelists as they dive deep into the most common hiring and recruitment mistakes and how you can avoid them in your clinic. We'll also go over how FYZICAL assists in recruitment and helps our owners build the ideal team!

Q&A: With our Panelists

The last 15 minutes are in-depth answers to questions submitted by attendees during our live event!

Instant Webinar for Physical Therapy Entrepreneurs

Considering a physical therapy practice? Already own one and want to make improvements? Don't miss this valuable webinar that helps owners who don't want to work in their practice to build and curate the ideal, top-performing team for their new physical therapy practice!