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Building a Sustainable  Model for Physical Therapy Private Practice


6 Reasons to Watch ENVIZION

There aren't a lot of business resources available that speak to the owners of physical therapy practices and because of this, we created ENVIZION.  ENVIZION is a free webinar, comprised of four, 5-Minute videos that provide PT practice owners with the business knowledge they need to thrive today. By watching this short series you will understand how to build a sustainable model for private practice with proven methods to help you take your practice to new heights!


The 2021 Macro Trends PT Practice Owners Need to Know

Discuss the sweeping changes that will alter physical therapy and how you can get ahead of these changes.

The Evolution of the PT Business Model

We share what the PT Business Model of the Future looks like and how you can prepare your practice for future success.


Business Optimization Strategies as you Exist Today

How to increase financial success without increasing patient volume.

Growing Your Practice

How other practice owners are taking advantage of the number one opportunity in clinical physical therapy to drive clinic growth in 2021 and beyond.

Financial Improvement

Learn business knowledge and management strategies designed to enhance your efficiency, resulting in the financial rewards you deserve.

What to Expect

Thinking about leveraging the FYZICAL model in your existing practice? Learn about that process and next steps.

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Physical therapy practice owners look to FYZICAL for guidance and business growth for their existing practice. Whether you want to partner, sell, or remain independent - we have solutions that will work for your practice.

FYZICAL is where private practice owners go to grow! The average conversion practice grows by more than 40%* after joining. Our shared physical therapy business expertise, marketing support, and a nationally recognized brand are key to cultivating our member's success.  Watch ENVIZION and learn more about the opportunity - absolutely no pressure! 

*FYZICAL Conversion model saw the following revenue growth; average 40%, median 37.7%, 51% (44/87) who joined FYZICAL met or exceeded the average 40% revenue growth. p 48 F.D.D.



This webinar is designed especially for current physical therapy private practice owners who want to understand the business strategies necessary for building a sustainable private practice. Fill out the form below to access the instant-watch ENVIZION webinar and learn more in a no-pressure presentation.

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