Physical Therapist
Clinical Leadership 101
for Talent Retention

Learn How to Curate and Keep a Talented Team in Your Private Physical Therapy Practice

Experts in the industry will teach you how to attract achievers, be an effective leader, and retain high-performing employees!


The Masterclass for Physical Therapy Practice Owners Who Want to Find and Retain Great Talent

Success Strategies for Developing Leaders in Your Private Practice 

Are you looking to find, nurture, and maintain robust and reliable talent in your private physical therapy practice? It starts with being a quality leader. But how do you know if you are one? Effective leadership is a framework built on education, knowledge, patience, and skill. While most of us think we are doing it right, there's much to learn about attracting good employees and guiding them to become clinical leaders.

Discover the essential qualities for attracting and retaining top talent, along with practical strategies for effectively leading your employees on a daily basis. Gain invaluable insights from our team of experts who have amassed decades of experience in the physical therapy industry.

The Ultimate Clinical Leadership Webinar for PT Practice Owners 

Hiring the right people for your private practice can be challenging as a physical therapy practice owner. High turnover rates can lead to patient dissatisfaction, making finding and retaining talented individuals in today's marketplace crucial.

Learn key clinical leadership strategies in our free webinar! Industry experts will teach you how to find, cultivate, and maintain great clinical leaders for your physical therapy practice and why that's important in today's hiring landscape in the physical therapy industry.

We'll dive deep into everything that goes into sourcing talent and growing them into robust leaders. You'll learn daily strategies for success, how to coach people to be great, and what steps you need to foster exemplery employees. 

You'll walk away from this webinar with the answer to the question, "How do I find and preserve good talent for my practice?" and accessible strategies for success as you begin the process.

What Will this Webinar Cover?

Find the Ideal Team Player

Hiring top-quality talent seems like an obvious solution, but do you really know what characteristics to look for or where to search for the best employees? Our panelists will discuss how to find and retain great talent.

Create a Culture of Excellence

What is considered a good culture within a company? Understand how to create a culture that breeds excellence. Learn how a shared sense of purpose can help foster a cohesive culture despite your employees' differences.

Cultivate and Develop Your Employees

Gain insights from our panelists, who will discuss Hall of Fame mentor and Trillion Dollar Coach Bill Campbell and his lessons on coaching people to be great.

Workforce Dissatisfaction

Do you know the three signs of a miserable job? Our panelists will give insight into Harvard Business Review's "The 3 Signs of a Miserable Job." Learn how to spot workforce dissatisfaction and understand how to improve the health of your practice.

Challenge Your Employees

See why it's critical to challenge your employees and how this keeps them engaged and interested in their roles and helps them reach their potential. Need tips on how? We've got some.

Understand What Makes a Great Leader

Do you know what makes a great leader? What are the core values that leaders must embrace? How do these values affect your management of others? Learn the characteristics of a great leader and how that can impact your practice.



RJ Williams 

Franchise Regional Consultant 

RJ has served as a Franchise Regional Consultant at FYZICAL for five years, guiding and empowering franchisees to revolutionize healthcare within their communities while developing strategic plans for their practices and effective business strategies. 

RJ began his career ten years ago with FYZICAL's Brian Werner, the originator of FYZICAL's proprietary Balance Program, and used cutting-edge therapies to treat balance and dizziness disorders. He successfully led and managed a team of over 20 employees across two clinics. Under his guidance, the staff and locations experienced remarkable growth, expanding to more than 70 workers across five locations.

During this time, RJ taught at local PT and PTA programs and served as vice president and later president of the Nevada Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

RJ's role as a Franchise Regional Consultant is crucial in guiding FYZICAL franchisees through the intricate landscape of business operations and healthcare management. With his invaluable coaching expertise, he empowers them to achieve unparalleled success and profitability.


Webinar Agenda

Welcome + Introductions

Meet the speaker, RJ Williams, FYZICAL Franchise Regional Consultant, who guides FYZICAL practice owners on healthcare management and business operations.

Hiring & Retaining Good Talent

Learn what it takes to attract and retain good talent and why it's important to your private physical therapy practice. Learn key strategies for success and how to build a team of quality employees. 

Finding the Ideal Team Player  

Understand the characteristics you need to look for as you search for employees for your practice. See why these important attributes are important for longevity and growth. 

How to Coach People to be Great 

RJ will discuss lessons from Trillion Dollar Coach Bill Campbell on how to coach people to be great and how you can apply these lessons to your practice!


Physical Therapist Clinical Leadership 101
for Talent Retention

Watch our free webinar on how to attract and retain robust clinical leadership talent. Get tips from our experts on why this is critical to your clinic's operations, and walk away understanding how to start implementing these strategies in your private physical therapy practice today!