Healthcare Franchising 101

If you're new to franchising and interested in opening a business in the healthcare industry as a clinical or non-clinical owner, you'll want to watch this webinar to learn about this recession-resistant sector and how to navigate ownership in the healthcare franchise industry. 
Presented By:  

Scott Wendrych
Chief Development Officer

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Is Franchising For Me?

Have you ever thought about opening a healthcare business? Whether you are a clinical professional or an entrepreneur, franchising gives you the tools and support to achieve success! In this webinar, we'll discuss the benefits of franchising versus starting a business from scratch. Learn how to take the guesswork out of starting and running a new healthcare business.

Watch this webinar to learn all about healthcare franchising and how FYZICAL can give you a proven blueprint for success that includes the strategies and tools you need to run a thriving, profitable, physical therapy franchise without sacrificing personalized patient care.


Event Agenda

Meet the Speaker

Scott Wendrych, Chief Development Officer of FYZICAL

Franchising 101:
What is franchising? Do I need experience?

Franchising is a giant step for someone who doesn't understand how the process works. Our panelists will discuss the franchise industry as a whole, drill down on healthcare franchising, and answer the most common healthcare franchising questions!

The FYZICAL Model:
Physical Therapy Franchising

Learn about the physical therapy industry, our unique and proprietary balance paradigm, the initial investment costs, and the timeline for clinic opening for one location and beyond!

Top Questions

We'll address our most frequently asked questions so you get key information without waiting! 

Webinar Topics

Leaders at FYZICAL will provide strategies and resources and answer any questions you have about being successful in the franchising industry. Join Scott Wendrych, FYZICAL’s Chief Development Officer, for an exciting discussion on the business of franchising in the healthcare industry and how it can help you achieve financial freedom and success. Leave with an understanding of precisely what you need to know to become a franchisee and how the most successful brand in healthcare franchising is helping owners achieve financial success, even if you are new to franchising or don’t have a background in physical therapy!

Franchising Advantages

We'll cover questions like; How much does it cost to become a franchisee? What other costs and fees need to be considered? What if I'm not a doctor, can I still own a practice? Along with the main benefits of franchising, including:  Low start-up costsFranchisor SupportBrand Awareness

FYZICAL's Proven Business Model

Wouldn't it be reassuring to have a proven business model and a solid support team of business and clinical experts to offer educational and operational support? Learn about FYZICAL's: proven business model, independence and flexibility for our owners, superior regional and corporate level support, ongoing clinical and operational training and education opportunities, multi-unit and master franchise opportunities

Industry Advantage

The 53.08 billion dollar physical therapy industry has shown steady growth since 2007, with a projected growth rate of 8.2% annually. Learn how FYZICAL’s powerful brand creates less financial risk than an independent start-up. FYZICAL has a reputation for treatment excellence, and physicians trust our clinicians to deliver quality care to patients.


Scott Wendrych

Chief Development Officer

For the past 19 years Scott has been deeply involved in the franchise industry, beginning his journey as a franchisee himself. The experience as a small business owner ignited his passion for franchising. Scott was instrumental in the growth of the Fitness Together franchise brand which grew to more than 400 U.S. locations and expanded internationally. Scott co-founded the launch of the Elements Massage franchise brand and also served as the Chief Development Officer for WellBiz Brands Inc. until 2018. Scott is now the Chief Development Officer at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers since 2020.


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