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Kevin Mercier, Director of Strategic Business Development, brings over a decade of expertise in helping physical therapists plan for a lucrative business exit. He's here to answer your questions and guide you toward a profitable transition.

Kevin will assist you throughout the entire selling process, from start to finish. Don't hesitate to reach out with any inquiries you have along the way.

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Discover a Rewarding Exit from Private Practice with FYZICAL

If you're at that point in your career where you're contemplating saying goodbye to your private practice— whether embracing retirement or diving into exciting new endeavors— you know just how complex and demanding this process can be. After all, you've poured your heart and soul into building your practice over the years and want to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

That's where FYZICAL comes in, your trusted partner on this exciting journey! We're on the lookout for clinics across the nation, and we're here to make selling your private practice as painless as possible. We'll kick things off by helping you uncover your practice's true value and the potential multiple you could earn from a sale. Our devoted team will be right there with you, offering essential support for all the paperwork and processes.

Our shared mission? To help you plan for the future while ensuring you get the most out of the business you've poured your heart into building.


We help by:

    • Educating you on the sale and acquisition process
    • Assist in providing a valuation for your practice
    • Maximize the value of your practice prior to sale
    • Succession Plan to ensure a secure future for your staff and patients

Melinda and Brian's Path to Profitable Exit

Meet Brian and Melinda Sganga, just like you - practice owners with dreams beyond the clinical care world. They poured 13 years into nurturing their private practice and then came the pivotal moment for change. Melinda was ready to step back from direct patient care, while Brian had ambitious business aspirations. Their shared goal? A profitable exit strategy.

Selling their practice was the logical next step, but they needed guidance to navigate the intricate acquisition process and prepare their practice for potential buyers.

"As we made the decision to sell, we grappled with questions like: 'How can we step up our marketing? Should we expand our team to drive growth or anticipate it? Is opening a new location to boost our multiple the right move?'" Brian shared. "It's essential to grasp that when contemplating a sale, your practice's value depends on profitability, not just cash flow," he emphasized.

Turning to FYZICAL for support, Brian and Melinda discovered a transformative experience. FYZICAL provided invaluable assistance in preparing them for the sale, offering step-by-step guidance through the acquisition process. Their careful planning ensured a smooth transition for staff and patients alike. Brian and Melinda sold their practice, knowing they had made the right choice, leaving it in capable hands.

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Discover the Ins and Outs of Selling Your Physical Therapy Practice

Whether you're just starting to think about selling your practice or planning for retirement in the next decade, we've got you covered. Say hello to our free, downloadable guide: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Physical Therapy Practice: Navigating Acquisition Opportunities. This guide provides valuable insights into selling your private practice and preparing you for a successful acquisition process as the seller.

If you're focused on selling your practice for the best possible value, this guide is your ideal companion on this exciting journey!


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