Physical Therapist
Partnership Advantage  Program

An Alternative Pathway to Clinic Ownership for Licensed Physical Therapists

The FYZICAL Partnership Advantage Program

Merging Bright Minds to Build Successful Partnerships

Have you always wanted to own a physical therapy practice but lacked the resources to make goals become reality? The FYZICAL Partnership Advantage Program may be the right opportunity for you! 

If you're a motivated licensed physical therapist looking for an ownership stake in your business and a leading role beyond your clinical expertise, this opportunity offers an alternative pathway to clinic ownership - plus the autonomy to build a dynamic team and bring patient-centered care back to the forefront of private practice. 

The steps are easy - submit your application below for partnership consideration. We’ll introduce you to eligible entrepreneurs in your preferred area(s) seeking a savvy clinical partner to help build, establish, and grow thriving FYZICAL clinics. We’ve seen that combining robust clinical expertise with strong business acumen can lead to lucrative multi-ownership opportunities and unparalleled success.

We'll make the introductions, and the two of you will design a partnership agreement that aligns with each of your individual goals. Together you can deliver innovative patient care -- and build a thriving business with the #1 Physical Therapy Franchise; it's a win-win!

Entrepreneur and Physical Therapist Combine Expertise to Achieve FYZICAL Multi-Unit Franchise Success
Entrepreneur and Physical Therapist Combine Expertise to Achieve FYZICAL Multi-Unit Franchise Success

Meet Jiten + Jignesh

An Entrepreneur & Physical Therapist who Combine Expertise to Achieve Multi-Clinic Success

We've seen what happens when clinical and non-clinical owners partner in business - bright minds unite to achieve thriving success! When entrepreneur Jignesh Domadia was searching for his next business opportunity, he had two things in mind as he designed his future: a thriving franchise to work with and an accomplished clinical partner to make that happen.

Enter Jiten Dungarani, an established physical therapist with ten years of experience who was looking for the opportunity to own his own clinic. It was the beginning of a beautiful partnership that resulted in three clinics opening in six months with a goal of 10-15 on the horizon and another 25+ clinics as Master Franchisees.

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What do we look for in a PT Partner?

Our visions navigate our futures. We recognize our purpose is to be the most trusted, accessible entry point for wellness and health. Here at FYZICAL, we work to understand and support our clients' physical challenges and create treatments that support and revitalize their bodies, hearts, and minds. A strong candidate for the Partnership Advantage Program will align with our core values and culture. Great people build great clinics, and the leading partner prospects will have:


Physical therapist partners demonstrate a passion for health and wellness, breaking down barriers, and redefining the clinical experience! Our partners are excited about our brand and vision and wake up happy to start their day and push through the challenges. 


Our greatest partners are natural-born leaders. They desire to build a culture of mutual respect and integrity. They have the necessary skill set and personality style that helps them to curate a high-performing team that demonstrates effective communication and mutual respect. 


Successful partners are comfortable stepping out into their community to build connections and foster relationships with potential patients and referral sources. They are passionate about making a difference in the health and lives of the citizens in their communities. 


The best candidates have perseverance and passion for their long-term goals.  Candidates with a growth mindset, resilience, and the determination to follow through are ideal for the Partnership Advantage Program. 

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When we've identified an entrepreneur partner in your market or region of availability - we'll connect you both!


Working Together

The terms of your partnership are between you and the franchise owner. Work together to negotiate an agreement and create a plan for growth you both love!

Fyzical's involvement in introducing the parties is solely limited to that. We do not endorse or vouch for any of the parties involved and cannot guarantee the suitability of any partnership. Each party must conduct their own due diligence to determine if the partnership is a good fit for them. Fyzical shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred as a result of the partnership between the parties.

FYZICAL's Partnership Advantage Program for Licensed Physical Therapists