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Physical Therapy Start-Up Summit

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Why Should You Watch the PT Start Up summit Webinar?

It all begins with the story behind how FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers came to be. While doing some research on the PT industry, we learned that there weren't a lot of resources available that specifically focus on starting your own physical therapy practice. We also knew there was a huge void in business education courses in MPT and DPT programs - and the resources that are available are extremely dated and fail to address how the PT model has changed. This leaves PT business owners at a major disadvantage when it comes to starting their own practice. So we sought to address this void of information and share our knowledge and resources from opening nearly 500 PT practices with those looking to start their own physical therapy practice.

And yes, we'd love for you to partner with us to start your physical therapy practice and we surely hope to bring that much value to you in this webinar, but that's not what this webinar was designed to do. We designed PT Start Up Summit to give you a crash course in physical therapy business ownership by teaching you the fundamentals of today's PT business model so you can be more successful in business ownership, no matter which route you choose. Better yet, it's completely free. 

So what are you waiting for? Watch PT Start Up Summit Now! 



The Webinar for PT's Looking to Start Their own Practice

Start Up Summit is a high-level bootcamp about what it takes to succeed on the business-side of physical therapy. As someone looking to open their own physical therapy practice, we show you how the business of PT has evolved and how modern PT practices operate at a high-level while also maintaining quality care for their patients. If you want to succeed in your PT practice, then the tips, strategies, and business education found in this webinar will help you do just that.


What Does Start Up Summit Cover? 

New Clinic Business Planning

Every business needs a plan and we walk you through the steps that are specific for creating a business plan for independent practice owners in the PT industry.

Marketing Your Practice

Marketing has become more important than ever. Where you practice ranks in an online search is equally as important as your practice location. We walk you through marketing resources for your new practice.


The Investment

One of the most common questions for new PT business owners is "How much can I make?" We walk you through the costs of starting your practice and what to expect financially when you partner with FYZICAL. 

Clinic Space Design

How you design your space can have a major influence on your patient satisfaction and your ability to grow your practice in the future. Learn the ideal practice size and how to optimize your space for maximum business success.

Credentialing and Ancillary's

If you've ever wondered "How do I set my practice up for insurance reimbursements" then you've come to the right spot. We'll cover how to get credentialed, but most importantly, how to add more ancillaries to your practice to lessen your need for insurance reimbursements. 

Macro Trends

What exactly are "macro trends?" We're glad you asked. There are many PT industry specific trends that every new PT practice owner should be aware of before they start. We share how these trends shape the PT model of the future and how you can start your practice ahead of the competition. 


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