Thursday, November 17 | 7:00pm ET

The Business of
Balance Therapy

The Differentiator that Tilts the Profit Scale

40% of the US population will experience clinical dizziness or balance difficulty in their lifetime. Learn about FYZICAL's proprietary approach to balance disorder rehabilitation and the impact this service has on a FYZICAL center's bottom line.
Presented By:  
RJ Williams, PT, DPT, Franchise Regional Consultant
Chris Hincker, Vice President of Development


Balance therapy is a highly competitive advantage

Nobody treats balance like FYZICAL. See why our clinical balance and vestibular disorder management is the leading differentiator in the market. Over 69,000,000 Americans suffer from vestibular disorders, and millions more suffer from non-otologic fall risk. In every demographic, balance patients are simply going underserved; pediatrics, athletes, middle-aged, mature, and geriatric patients alike. In 84% of cases, a dizzy complaint goes unaddressed.  

With the enormous scale of this opportunity, you'll want to understand how providing this service differentiates your business by becoming the premier balance and vestibular expert in your community. Our proprietary balance paradigm goes beyond a symptom-free patient to full-scale rehabilitation - so the problem doesn't come back! 

Watch this webinar to understand how FYZICAL's Balance Paradigm is elevating the physical therapy industry! Walk away understanding the value and opportunity available to you as a FYZICAL franchisee with access to our proprietary balance therapy program.


Event Agenda

Meet the Speakers

Meet our event panelists, RJ Williams, PT, DPT, Franchise Regional Consultant, and Chris Hincker, Vice President of Development

Balance & Vestibular Disorder Management
The largest opportunity in clinical care

With millions of Americans underserved in every category of balance and vestibular disorder management, the opportunity for FYZICAL franchisees is immense! Learn about the scale of opportunity and how these services have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.

What's so special about the paradigm?

Learn about the scale of opportunity for the treatment of balance and vestibular disorders and how these solutions bring significant revenue the traditional model of a physical therapy practice. We'll discuss our proprietary balance paradigm and how it differs from the current treatment landscape, and we'll break down the revenue you could expect by providing these treatment options to your community. 

with our Panelists

This is where the real magic happens... the last 15 minutes are always dedicated to answering the questions submitted by you during our live event!

Webinar Topics

 Join RJ Williams, PT, DPT, FYZICAL Franchise Regional Consultant, as well as Chris Hincker, FYZICAL’s Vice President of Development, for an exciting discussion on the business of balance in the physical therapy industry and how it can help franchise owners achieve better outcomes for patients and the bottom line. Leave with an understanding of the scale of opportunity for these services and how a comprehensive balance and vestibular disorder management program is a major competitive advantage in physical therapy.

Fight the Fall with Balance and Vestibular Disorder Management

We're bringing awareness to the silent epidemic impacting every generation in America. Learn about the risks of falling and how you can offer a proactive and preventative approach in clinical care that results in better outcomes for patients and your bottom line. We'll also discuss the current landscape of care available to balance and vestibular disorder management patients and the frustrations they undergo when seeking a diagnosis and care.

FYZICAL Balance Paradigm

FYZICAL's proprietary Balance Paradigm is part of a comprehensive vestibular program that identifies and treats the many causes of dizziness. Join us to explore the origins of the paradigm and the clinical outcomes our physical therapists are achieving.

Positive Impact to Your Business

Managing the stress of work, life, and business ownership can be a heavy burden for anyone to carry. Understand what percentage of physical therapy patients will be able to convert to balance patients, as well as the kind of revenue you could see when incorporating balance and vestibular disorder management therapies into a physical therapy model.


RJ Williams, PT, DPT

Franchise Regional Consultant

RJ strives to be a people-oriented leader by leading and rallying a team behind common goals and objectives. After graduating in 2013, he took a unique physical therapy job opportunity with Brian Werner at FYZICAL in Las Vegas, treating balance and dizziness disorders. As Brian had moved into a national teaching role, RJ quickly found great excitement and challenge leading a team of +20 members across two clinics 18 months out of school. Over the next five years, those clinics grew in both staff and locations surpassing 70 employees across five locations. During this same time, RJ held the importance of serving and being connected to the professional community by teaching at all the local PT and PTA programs, and serving as vice-president and then president of the Nevada Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. In 2018 he jumped at the opportunity to become a franchise consultant and get the chance to help hundreds of small business owners bring better healthcare to their communities, enhance their team members' lives, and improve their businesses.


Chris Hincker

Vice President of Development

As Vice President of Development, Chris guides and educates prospective members through the opportunities available as they become part of the FYZICAL Family. Chris brings robust business acumen, having spent over five years with FYZICAL diligently working with entrepreneurs, physical therapists, and small business owners walking them through each facet of franchising, ensuring their understanding and confidence. He brings with him a kinesiology background with a degree specializing in exercise physiology, and a passion for helping people reach their professional and financial goals, carving unique and individual pathways for each member's success.



The Business of Balance Webinar

Learn about FYZICAL's proprietary approach to balance disorder rehabilitation and the impact this service has on a FYZICAL center's bottom line.

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