Start and Grow a Physical Therapy Private Practice

How to Get Started and Set Up Your New Practice for Success on Day 1

Tom DiPaolo, PT, DPT, CFC
Zach Keller, FYZICAL Advisor

Build A Better Future

Compared to working as an employee in a clinic, owning your own physical therapy practice gives you more autonomy, helps you to grow as a clinician, and offers you the potential for a significantly higher income than working for someone else. There are no real shortcuts when it comes to starting a practice, but understanding what you truly need to be successful, building in the proper support as you establish yourself and eventually grow, and having access to guidance from peers and business gurus along the way can be a real game-changer for a physical therapist who is looking to open a practice.



Speaker: Tom DiPaolo, PT, DPT, CFC

"I was on my own for 3 years before I teamed up with FYZICAL. Before I was doing 70 visits a week - now I'm doing 120."

Before I teamed up with FYZICAL, I was a solo practitioner with a business partner. I was doing fine, but as the industry was shifting it was becoming more difficult to maintain the profit I'd become accustomed to. I was in the process of ending my business partnership when this opportunity presented itself, and so the timing to start fresh was perfect. 

I own 100% of my practice, and I really found the support I needed to navigate these industry challenges. The information available here is vast! I like all the support that everyone gives each other.  There hasn't been a single scenario where I have asked another member for support that I haven't gotten. I don't feel lost anymore - I am supported from every angle. 

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Don't waste your resources early in the process

Don't waste your resources early in the process! If you want to open your own private practice, come to this webinar to learn how to run your practice efficiently while providing the best, most comprehensive care to your patients.  Our company clinics operate at a significantly higher profit margin than the average PT private practice - giving you more options to reward your staff for a job well done, or grow and scale into additional locations. Let us show you the way! 

If you want to understand how the decisions you make when opening your private practice will trickle down to your bottom line - and what you can do to offer the best patient care possible and remain profitable - then you won't want to miss this free webinar!

What Does This Webinar Cover?

Community & Support for Private Practice Owners

As you build your practice to serve your community, you may wonder where to find support when the tough questions come up. Find support and community among other private practice owners in our network of more than 1200+ physical therapy professionals. From business operations to tough clinical cases, support is a phone call away for all of our owners. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes When Opening Your Practice

Do you want the proven model? Are you looking for a manual that tells you how to open a practice the right way? That's what we do.  With over 430 open practices across the country, we know a thing or two about opening a private practice - and we'll help you every step of the way - learn from and avoid costly mistakes that others have made before you, get insider knowledge on what to do and what to avoid.

Develop Systems and Processes That Grow With You

Achieving success in private practice is dependent on a robust set of systems and processes that govern every operation of your practice. If you want your practice to thrive, and hope to one day step away from treatment - you'll need to understand and utilize performance tracking metrics, training systems, recruitment programs, mentoring programs, systems for sales and marketing. Attend this webinar to learn exactly what it takes!


Event Agenda


Zach Keller, FYZICAL Advisor, and owner, Tom DiPaolo, PT, DPT, CFC of FYZICAL Colonia Introductions

Start A PT Practice

What goes into starting a physical therapy practice and where do you begin? Learn what it takes to get started, what you need, and your best resources for support!

Ready, Set, Grow!

Tom DiPaolo shares his story - from partnered practice to starting over and teaming up with FYZICAL. How did he nearly double his weekly patient visits, looking back what would he have done differently, and what's next on his journey as a Private Practice owner?


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