It’s Time to Start Managing
Your Business Like A Business.

The days of easy are over. Competition from hospitals and mega PT groups is here. Consolidation is real. You can no longer run your business on a whim and expect success.

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Do you know how much revenue you should be generating per square foot?

You should be generating over $550 per square foot. If you aren’t, your space is either too large or you are below capacity.

What is your cancel / no-show rate?

Is it below 14%? Don’t guess… this should be tracked and measured down to every patient.

Do you know what your conversion rate is?

It should be at least 85%. Not sure? How many referrals did you receive? How many of these turned into patients. If you received 100 referrals and 70 turned into patients, you have a 70% conversion rate. Again, don’t guess. If you say “I think it’s about X%,” you don’t know.

Do you know how much revenue you should be generating per full-time clinician?

$235,000. Take your annual revenue and divide by the number of full-time clinicians in your business. Is it lower than $235k? You have room for growth.

Is your clinical payroll greater than 29% of revenue?

What percentage is your total payroll of revenue? What percentage of revenue is your rent? How about your operating expenses? What percentage market share do you own?

At PT Revolution, you will discover 15 Pillars of Success and 12 Vital Statistics you should be tracking daily, monthly and annually if you are looking to manage your business like a business.

Do you know what your current level of profitability is?

The industry average is 6%. You should be generating over 20%. At PT Revolution, you are going to discover exactly how to get to this level of profitability.

What else will I discover at PT Revolution?

PT Revolution is jam-packed full of information to help you succeed into the future of PT. While business skills development comes first, you will also discover:

  • Marketing Skills: A step-by-step plan on how to get in front of AND speak with physicians. Don’t worry, you’ll also gain advantages of going direct to consumer.
  • Recruiting / Management Skills: How to provide employees with greater opportunity, making it easy to find team members
  • Clinical Skills: The specialties you need in your practice to compete with hospitals and how to implement them
  • Exit Strategy Plan: A step-by-step plan on building a practice worthy of a wealthy exit strategy when the time is right for you
  • PT-Rx Model: The business model for private practice owners to combat consolidation and plan for the future of private practice PT
  • And exponentially more….
  • Who attends PT Revolution?

    PT Revolution is a FREE event for private practice physical therapy owner-operators serious about the future of their businesses. The events are limited to a small group as each event is personalized to those in attendance, and a further analysis of the businesses in attendance will be provided. You are encouraged to bring any guest(s) that contribute to the success of your business. (Spouses, managers, marketers, etc.)
  • Where is PT Revolution?

    PT Revolution events are held in different cities across the country throughout the year. If you are interested in attending an upcoming event, request more info above and an event representative will be in touch with more information on upcoming events in your area. Complete form to find out about upcoming events!
  • How do I attend an event?

    Again, PT Revolution is completely free but you must be registered to attend. For more information on upcoming events in your area, complete the form on this page or call 941-444-2209 for more information now!
  • When should I attend?

    That’s up to you. But, the longer you wait, the more risk you take. Consolidation is accelerating, and independently owned practices are decreasing each year. Change is fast approaching and you can’t press pause on growing your business & preparing for the future. Don’t let competitors in your marketplace attend and gather this information before you!

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