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47% of FYZICAL Franchisees are Multi-Unit Owners

Low Competition  |  Broad Client Base  |  Flexible Model

Reduced Costs

Multi-unit ownership affords franchisees the opportunity to lower their costs per unit because fixed costs are shared over more locations.  Achieving economies of scale makes the business more profitable and more efficient over time. 

Support & Community

Nearly half of our franchisees are multi-unit owners, we've mastered the systems, tools, and resources that it takes to nurture our franchise partners in the development of multiple locations. Multi-unit owners need different support than single-unit owners, and we know how to deliver.

More Value

With multiple units, you will be able to share resources within your own market. Shared staff, marketing, and referral resources across multiple locations become more cost-effective. More units translates to more earnings, and that helps you reach your financial goals even faster!  




Today Americans age 65+ make up about 15% of the population. It's estimated that they'll make up about 25% of the population by 2060, while the number of 65+ adults will triple resulting in a significantly increased patient base.



PT is a fragmented industry with no clear leading companies. Our work in the industry has led us to operate under the understanding that 20 of the largest providers capture ~21% of the market share. This spells a great opportunity for FYZICAL investors who are able to leverage our time-tested business model and far-reaching support network.



Healthcare businesses tend to command a higher multiple upon sale than most other industries. It's common for PT practices to sell for 4-7 multiple of EBITDA. 

Physical therapy Industry is projected to reach $45.7 Billion

"As an entrepreneur, I'd never had someone give me a blueprint on how to run a business. FYZICAL does an awesome job telling you what the key aspects are to be successful. If you follow the program you end up with a successful business."


Bill Capraro
Multi-Unit Owner
7 FYZICAL Locations

Bill Capraro FYZICAL Multi-Unit Owner

The FYZICAL Franchise
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