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Why Balance?

Balance Therapy Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Connecting with patients after a fall is the traditional approach, but at FYZICAL, our business model is largely based on the prevention of these falls.

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Million Americans

the total number of people in the U.S. age 40 or older who have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction

of the US Population

40% of US population will experience clinical dizziness or balance difficulty in their lifetime

Billion Dollars

the total cost of fall injuries in 2015. That cost is expected to increase to $67.7 BILLION heading into the 2020s

The FYZICAL Difference

#1 Balance and Vestibular Program Worldwide

The proprietary FYZICAL Balance Paradigm was originated by our experts at FYZICAL and uses industry-leading fall prevention solutions such as clinical diagnosis and applied sensory mismatch theory to become the leading differentiator in the market.

Approximately 8 million American adults are affected by balance problems. Our full-service revolutionary Paradigm framework offers evidence-based fall prevention therapies that have transformed the treatment of dizzy and balance patients by pioneering preventative solutions for patients with balance deficiencies. 

The FYZICAL Balance Paradigm takes a holistic approach to treating patients, going beyond BPPV and offering preventative therapies that can increase out-patient referrals, patient visits, and overall revenue. 

Why Invest In Balance?

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Be Part of the Solution

Vestibular disorders and balance issues affect more than 70 million Americans from all age groups. From children to seniors, they're underserved by the availability and quality of balance care. FYZICAL's proprietary Balance Paradigm is changing lives every day!

Growth Potential

As the #1 Physical Therapy Franchise, FYZICAL is well-positioned to meet the need for balance care and rehabilitation. The average company-owned center generated over $956k in revenue in 2021. We were recently named one of the most profitable franchises for 2021.

No Medical Experience Required

Our investor model doesn't require medical or physical therapy experience. FYZICAL is leading the charge in balance and vestibular rehabilitation with a turnkey program already laid out for you; no experience is necessary.


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Why is balance therapy important?

Every 11 seconds, a patient is admitted to the ER due to an unintended fall. Every 19 minutes, a senior in the U.S. dies due to an accidental fall. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in older adults in the U.S. As 10,000 seniors turn 65 every day, there is a critical need for fall prevention therapy.

FYZICAL's proprietary Balance Paradigm offers world-renowned cutting-edge solutions to patients with balance, vestibular, and dizziness diagnoses. Our exclusive evidence-based #1 Balance and Vestibular Program uses a holistic approach to treating patients, and their novel preventative therapy is the remedy for the millions of patients needing treatment. As 40% of the U.S. population will experience clinical dizziness or balance difficulty in their lifetime, FYZICAL's key differentiator in fall prevention fills an essential void in the healthcare space.

How do you evaluate patients?

Dive deeper into your patients' backgrounds while they're being treated for other injuries:

  • Is your patient being treated for an injury that was caused by a fall?
  • Does your patient have a quality-of-life issue that could be improved with balance therapy?
  • Are they unable to perform therapy properly, or are they not seeing progress in their therapy due to vertigo or lightheadedness?
  • Are they having hearing issues that may be associated with balance?

Evaluate your patients for sensory mismatch and determine their pathway to treatment:

  • What is their sway pattern?
  • Identify if there is a sensory mismatch.
  • Determine systems and frameworks for treating the patient.


Who benefits from balance?

Every patient in your practice could be a potential client for balance therapy. In fact, 40% of patients post-maneuver have residual dizziness that needs ongoing therapy.

Additionally, there are over 20 referral sources that represent a strong opportunity for balance and vestibular patients, including Otolaryngologists, Otologists, Neurotologists, Neurologists, Cardiologists, and Endocrinologists.

Here is a sampling of patients who could benefit from FYZICAL's Balance Program. Patients who suffer from:

    • Vertigo
    • Nerve injuries
    • Inner ear conditions
    • Migraines
    • Bilateral Vestibular hypofunction (BHV)
    • Central nervous vestibular disorders
    • Ear canal injury
    • Infections
    • Autoimmune disorders
    • Trauma
    • Parkinson's Disease
    • Stroke patients 
    • Mild traumatic brain injuries
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Make a real difference for real people

Air Force Master Sergeant Christopher Aguilera sustained severe injuries when his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, prompting over 21 surgeries and 5 months in the hospital. The doctors didn’t know if he would walk again, let alone return to active duty and compete in the Invictus Games. Yet, he did just that. Due to amputations and a traumatic brain injury, Christopher had balance challenges. With the help of FYZICAL, Christopher not only won his balance, but also several gold, silver and bronze medals. As clinicians, we proudly serve our patients, but it is an honor to serve those who sacrificed for our country

Christopher Aguilera
Air Force Master Sergeant

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