Although we work with franchisees from many different backgrounds, FYZICAL offers an exciting health and wellness business opportunity for physical therapists who already own their own practices. We know that running an independent physical therapy practice can be lucrative, but oftentimes profits are absorbed by high operating costs and it can be hard to find the time to strategize on growing your business.

FYZICAL takes the pressure off physical therapists by transitioning them to our highly-efficient business model that’s been proven to work in 400+ locations across the U.S. Conversion franchisees love partnering with us because they’re able to focus on the important work of treating the people in their communities while we greatly simplify operational tasks like bookkeeping, appointment setting, marketing, and so forth.

If you’re a physical therapist feeling bogged down by declining reimbursements, high operational costs, or low referral rates, our physical therapy business opportunity can help revitalize your practice.

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Our physical therapy franchise opportunity is designed for private practice success.


Our medical care franchise opportunity stand out because they don’t just offer physical therapy services – they also offer audiology, balance, TMJ/TMD, medically-based fitness, and our proprietary Body-Q app. We work with franchisees individually to determine which of these services are in-demand in their areas, then help them integrate new programs into their practices. This diversification makes us a standout among wellness business opportunities.

Three Reasons to Franchise with FYZICAL


We’re Your Dedicated Partner

Our franchise teams are experts in everything from the physical therapy industry, to health and wellness trends, to business advising. They’ll get to know you and your practice to jumpstart stagnating growth. As you transition to the FYZICAL business model, they’ll keep a close eye on your progress and provide you with ongoing support to help you see the best results.

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A Streamlined Investment

Whether you’re looking to start a brand new business or convert your existing practice, you’ll find that our investment is structured so that you’ll see a strong return in terms of support, time and money-saving programs, marketing assistance, and much more. We think you’ll be amazed at how much franchisees are poised to gain in return for their investment.

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Multiple Revenue Streams

Multiple revenue streams are a great way to grow a business and, with our medical care franchise opportunity, help even more people in your community. Whether you’re a physical therapist, an ENT doctor, or work in other areas of the medical field, franchising with FYZICAL allows you to branch out and build a practice that serves as a total wellness center.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Medical Care Franchise Opportunity

We’re ready to answer any questions you have about our franchise. Find a full list of our frequently asked questions here, or contact us directly to get the information you need.

01. Am I qualified to operate a FYZICAL franchise?

FYZICAL works with a wide range of franchisees, including:

  • New physical therapists looking to open their first practice
  • Experienced physical therapists who are looking to improve their business performance
  • OTO/ENT doctors who want to simplify their operations and/or grow their business
  • Entrepreneurs looking to break into our thriving industry

If any of these descriptors sound like you, you could be a great fit for our franchise model! That being said, our criteria for franchisees is flexible, so be sure to contact us if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity.

02. What will FYZICAL change about my existing physical therapy practice if I convert?

We understand that you’ve put hard work into building your practice, and we don’t want to force you into a rigid system that won’t allow for your independence.

Rather, the FYZICAL team is you dedicated partner working toward helping you increase profitability and growth. We work on things like patient conversion, scheduling methodologies, and decreasing fixed expenses through vendors to help your business perform at its best.

03. How will FYZICAL help me market my business?

Marketing is important to growing any business, but you need to focus on the important task of treating the visitors to your practice. FYZICAL provides you with marketing support to greatly simplify this task. A few of our marketing strategies and channels include website hosting/SEO, TV commercials, Facebook ads, and webinars.

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