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Whether you are a private practice owner or you’re interested in starting your own business, the FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers business model can help you be successful in ways not possible on your own. Read on for the answers to some of the questions we hear most often.

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FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers was created to not only help ensure a prosperous future for private practice owners, but also for the rights of every person in America to have the option of receiving the type of quality care only independent practices can provide.

FYZICAL has invested more than $18 million to offer what no other healthcare organization in the world offers: A team of dedicated PT professionals, MDs, cutting-edge technology, and an abundance of resources no independent business owner would ever be able to have access to on their own.


Does the FYZICAL business model appeal to you? Whether or not you meet our ideal qualifications, all of our members share three distinct values.

FYZICAL owners are serious about:

  • Enhancing patient care – You want to provide your patients with the highest quality of care, supported by FYZICAL’s vast network of resources.
  • Business – You are committed to the success of your business and are always looking for ways to improve upon what you’re currently doing.
  • Working together – You know that synergy is vital to a thriving practice, so you are open to embracing the FYZICAL business model, and working with other like-minded individuals across the country.

With FYZICAL, you receive access to support, training, and resources you would never be able to acquire alone. Our physical therapy franchise business model allows you the opportunity for stellar patient care, unlimited growth potential, and a path to financial freedom, all while you retain full and complete ownership of your business.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers boasts a revolutionary healthcare franchise model that allows private practices to grasp the success and prosperity of larger corporations and clinics without sacrificing individuality.

Ideal candidates to join the FYZICAL family are business owners who already own a profitable practice that have been open for three or more years, have capital to invest and are operating a practice generating $500,000 of annual revenue or more.

Sound like you? You’re ready for the next steps in the ownership practice! Watch the Discovery video now to see how you can become a successful franchisee.

Close but not quite? You may still be a great fit for FYZICAL! While these are our ideal qualifications, we have several members outside of this box who were ready to start living life on their own terms with the help of our physical therapy franchise model.


If you are a physical therapy clinic, there are most likely no additional purchases you need to make after joining the FYZICAL family. However, there are specific pieces of equipment FYZICAL recommends you have at your center to help both your patients and your business.

If you are an otolaryngologist, audiologist, neurologist, or another physician looking to add a FYZICAL balance center, there is equipment necessary for your center. There are three different levels of FYZICAL balance, and we’ll help you determine exactly what you need for success in your practice.

The FYZICAL support team will guide you on what your center will need for optimum patient care and revenue maximization. As your business grows, you can expand your center to meet the growing demand. As a member of the FYZICAL family, you have access to a wide range of preferred vendors.


Your investment with FYZICAL is determined by many factors, including:

  • The level of patient care you wish to provide
  • Your space allocation
  • The equipment needed
  • The population of the exclusive area you select

Once you secure your area, you lock out all other healthcare providers, giving your practice a huge competitive advantage in patient care and income earning opportunities.

As a member of FYZICAL, you will have immediate access to a team of experts and resources, innovative technologies, and new strategies that are next to impossible to achieve on your own.

Your success is of the utmost importance to us. The only way FYZICAL can be successful is, like any franchise, if you are successful.

A team of experts will work with you individually to develop a plan based on the current status of your practice and what your goals are, determining the first action steps you should take to move your business forward. Make the investment in yourself today, while your exclusive area is still available.


In addition to your personalized strategic planning session with our senior leadership team, you’ll experience three days of cutting-edge success-building strategies at FYZICAL Lab, our ever-growing online training portal, and the 4,000+ pages in FYZICAL College, you will have access to a world class team of experts and resources no single business owner would ever be able to access on their own.

As a member of FYZICAL, you will have an army of expert professionals standing by your side. Need to consult with a marketing specialist? You’ve got one! Have a business question? You’ve got some of the best business professionals in the world. Compliance question? You’ve got that covered, too. Medical? PT? SEO? Sports Therapy? Advanced Technologies? Balance? You have access to experts in all these areas, and the list goes on and on.


FYZICAL will offer guidance, research outcomes, and best practice protocols, but ultimately, you’re the expert! You determine the best approach for helping your patients get better. If you ever have any questions on treating patients, you will have access to a continuously growing therapy network featuring experts in many categories, including vestibular, balance, spine, TMJ, pelvic health, sports therapy, cupping therapy, and so much more.

Unlike PT school, FYZICAL helps you become a business owner.


FYZICAL has been successful for a wide range of private practice owners. FYZICAL has prosperous centers in both rural and urban areas and everything in between.

The FYZICAL business model works for small practices and large practices, while also showing success in areas with competition from large hospital systems and mega PT corporations. The largest FYZICAL franchisee joined with 10 clinics, generating over $10 million in annual revenue. As for the smallest, a handful of brand new practice owners opening their doors for the first time as FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers are seeing tremendous success.


You can take advantage of as much or as little of the FYZICAL business model as you’d like at the pace you want. While it is recommended to take advantage of the entire model, it is customizable to fit your practice based on your personal ambitions and desires, when you want it. FYZICAL’s team of experts will help you determine which elements of the business model are best for you, as every practice is unique.

If you are not currently achieving 20% (or higher) profitability, you’ll quickly realize the first step is going to focus on operational excellence, effectively managing the business you already have before investing even a single dollar on marketing to new patients.


FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers allows you to take control of your private practice, focus on caring for your patients, and gain the support and knowledge of our industry experts. Our innovative business model puts you on the path to prosperity and a secure future.

If you’ve already read about our story and what we look for in our ideal FYZICAL members, you have a pretty good idea if our franchise could be a good fit for your existing practice. At this point, you want to know the finer details.

In order to learn more about the FYZICAL opportunity, we ask that you watch the FYZICAL Discovery Video to learn everything you need to know about FYZICAL, depending on your specialty.

Watching this video, you will not only discover everything you need to know about FYZICAL, but you will also learn the #1 way to immediately increase your sales & profitability.


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