The FYZICAL Family is a membership organization made up of hundreds of private practice owners who recognize the best way to protect private practice is to enhance their own success as independent owners. FYZICAL members understand that superior patient care and significant financial success are not mutually exclusive. By working together, practices that align with the FYZICAL Family can compete and win against large hospital systems or corporate consolidators.

The investment to join the FYZICAL Family depends on a number of factors. Speak with a FYZICAL advisor for information specific to you!

Absolutely! Although many of our franchisees do have experience in the field, we work with investors from many backgrounds, all of whom have their own reasons for investing. FYZICAL works with a wide range of franchisees, including:

  • Entrepreneurs looking to break into our thriving industry
  • New physical therapists looking to open their first practice
  • Experienced physical therapists who are looking to improve their business performance
  • OTO/ENT doctors who want to simplify their operations and/or grow their business

If any of these descriptors sound like you, you could be a great fit for our franchise model! That being said, our criteria for franchisees is flexible, so be sure to contact us if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity.

FYZICAL is a service franchise, not a commodity franchise. We recognize that what makes independent physical therapy practices great is their quality of treatment and personal feel. We provide members with opportunities for enhancing clinical and business outcomes but never force our members to alter their treatment models.

The FYZICAL team is your dedicated partner working toward helping you increase profitability and growth. We focus on things like patient conversion, scheduling methodologies, and decreasing fixed expenses through vendors to help your business perform at its best.

You can elect to adopt certain aspects of our system, or choose to implement it to enhance every part of your business – the choice is yours.

If you’re currently running your own business, you know that working with balance patients in addition to your surgical patients can be difficult. We can help support the balance/dizziness side of your business so you can spend more time focusing on your patients who need surgery. We can also integrate physical therapy services into your business, increasing the number of visitors to your practice.

FYZICAL can assist practices of any shape and size. Many FYZICAL members align with us as a successful multi-million-dollar practice with multiple locations. While FYZICAL has demonstrated the ability to help struggling practices thrive, the majority of our members are already known as “the best practice in town” before joining FYZICAL. They align because they recognize the business of being a physical therapist is changing and they will need to stay on the cutting edge to experience the same success they are used to. When they discover all that FYZICAL offers, they realize that we are the future of physical therapy and see us as a pathway to their individual goals.

The numbers don’t lie – the average practice grows by over 40% after aligning with FYZICAL – just check the Item 19 in our franchise disclosure document! Balance and vestibular expertise, marketing support, and a nationally recognized brand are just a few pieces that play a key role in helping you make a bigger impact in your community.

FYZICAL will provide you support to ensure you can execute on marketing - even while completing your other responsibilities in the practice! Areas of support include: Website Hosting/SEO, Planning, Social Media, and extensive marketing collateral (brochures, leave behinds, flyers, direct mail, TV Commercials, and more). FYZICAL also trains team members to be "Physician Liasons" which can dramatically impact your referral volume.

Commonly implemented services include balance and vestibular therapy, audiology, pelvic health, orthopedic manual therapy, aquatic therapy, TMJ/TMD treatment, medically based wellness, body-q, and retail.

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