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#1 Physical Therapy Franchise

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Helping Private Practice Owners THRIVE


Discover a Total Business Solution

With our holistic approach to business, we will get you where you need to be.

We provide franchisees with the tools and resources to accomplish their goals and build their business as big as they dream.

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Brand Pillars

At FYZICAL, our approach is different. We combine insights drawn from personal interaction and inquiry with a detailed physical assessment and develop highly personalized revitalization programs. The benefits for our clients are remarkable and often life-changing.

Our therapists are fully accredited, well-trained professionals. Our training distinguishes us from other clinics because we strive for mastery of three remarkable capabilities:

Innovative Programs

Holistic Perspective

Open Arms


Our Targeted Segment

Our targeted segment is not confined to any one industry; our business is connecting with our clients, to understand their lifestyles, challenges and motivations and apply the full range of our expertise and skills, enabling them to reinvigorate, re-engage and connect.

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Build a Better Future for Yourself, Your Family & Your Employees

Hear from FYZICAL Franchisee #1, Keefe Fugleburg, on the opportunities available now that didn't exist before. 


We Have Our Sights Set on the Future of PT

We have BIG goals and we're making private practice owners dominant players in the healthcare industries. Our vision is to be the most trusted, accessible entry point for wellness and health - and we will do so by providing direct access to cutting-edge treatment methodologies and protocols.





There is more to our story...

We couldn't fit all the new, exciting stuff happening at FYZICAL on one page. If you want to learn more, you need to schedule a call with a FYZICAL Advisor. Click below to get started.  

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