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See How We Are Revolutionizing Preventative and Rehabilitation Services


Join the World's Largest Network of Private Physical Therapy and Balance Professionals

Voted #1 Physical Therapy Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine

FYZICAL ® provides proprietary knowledge, programs, and plans to assure success in operating a physical therapy business in today’s challenging world.  See how we are effecting real change in healthcare by servicing a major unmet need in the patient population allowing independent business owners (financiers, PTs, Audiologists and Otolaryngologists) to experience emotional and financial rewards of successful business ownership in the process.

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Founded in 2012

Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

We provide physical therapy to help consumers with balance problems, general rehabilitation, and athletic training services.  But we definitely don't stop there.....

Balance & Dizziness Therapy

FYZICAL is qualified in treating dizziness and vestibular disorders allowing patients to return to their previous activities.

  • Balance Therapy
  • Concussion and Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Motion Related Dizziness

Orthopedic Therapy Services

Pre & Post-Surgical Care 
Sports & Orthopedic Injuries
Fractures & Dislocations
Hand & Wrist Splinting
Carpal Tunnel 
Repetitive Motion Syndromes
Soft-Tissue Contractures
Gross & Fine Motor Training

Audiology and Hearing Disorders

Evaluations & Diagnostics
Conductive Hearing Loss
Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Mixed Hearing Loss

Neurological Rehabilitation Program

Nerve and Pain Disorders 
Peripheral Neuropathy 
Gait and Balance Disorders 
Strokes / CVA 
Sciatica and Radiculopathies 
Traumatic Brain Injuries     
Multiple Sclerosis
Spinal Cord Injuries

Next Steps to Own Your FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center

Not a Physical Therapist but work in rehabilitation?  Or no clinical experience at all?  We have a business plan designed to help you.

Thinking of Starting Your Own Physical Therapy Business?

Learn More About Our Team of Business Development Professionals That Support Every Aspect of Your Practice Life-Cycle

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of starting your own practice?  Don't go it alone, our team of experts are here to support you through each stage of development including: 

  • Real Estate, Technology and Staffing Assistance
  • Credentialing and Licensing 
  • Marketing Support and Training
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Already Own a PT Practice and Want to Convert to a FYZICAL Center?

Most Physical Therapists that convert to FYZICAL have a lot of the same needs to reduce the operational drag and improve revenue

  • Offer more rehabilitation services from Audiologists and Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists
  • Take advantage of our award winning Balance Therapy Program to increase revenue and improve referrals
  • Enjoy a little more freedom in your life as we help streamline your operations
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Are You an Audiologist, Ear Nose and Throat Specialist or Otolaryngologist?

Invest in a Physical Therapy Practice that offers the services you often have to refer to outside clinicians.

  • Balance and Dizziness testing and therapy
  • In-House neurological rehabilitation Care for injuries, infections and degenerative diseases
  • In-House referrals from other care givers onsite
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Your Future Starts With FYZICAL

What Keeps You From Taking Your Practice To The Next Level?

Focused on Operations and Not Enough Time for Patients?

Do you spend too much time supporting operations and not enough time doing what you love?

Struggling to Manage Referrals, Appointments and Cancellations?

We deliver simple tools and automation designed to reduce time spent managing your patient's needs.

Unable to Spend Time Training and Supporting Your Staff?

Keeping your staff up to date with cutting edge technologies and advancements can be simplified with our expert team.