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Do You Want to open your own PT practice but are unsure how to fund it?


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One of the most frequently asked questions from those looking to start their own PT practice is, "How do I fund my new practice?" To answer your funding questions, we've put together a guide that helps PT practice owners navigate the funding options available. Read on to learn more!

Here is what's inside:
Understanding the Initial investment

At FYZICAL, we streamline answering your funding questions by providing all potential members with a copy of our estimated initial investment breakdown. This document will provide the range of costs associated with opening your own PT practice.


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investment categories

When opening a new practice, there are several key areas of that require a bulk of your investment. These areas include; initial franchise fee, equipment, location lease, leasehold improvements, operating expenses and other minor investments. We discuss each in this guide.

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Methods of Funding your Practice

Once you've seen the estimated initial investment ranges, you'll want to determine which funding options are right for you. Our guide will dive into the six most common funding sources and the pro's and con's of each. 

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Bonus Material

SBA Lending

You've probably heard of SBA funding, but did you know it was the most common funding option taken for new FYZICAL Therapy & Balance owners? In this guide, we walk you through how much liquidity SBA loans typically require new owners to have. We also discuss credit scores, collateral and what it means for your loan, and just what" burn rate" is.

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