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Audiology Franchise Solutions

Learn How Balance Can Diversify Your Business



Audiology Franchise Solutions

The statistics are staggering: Every 11 seconds, someone is treated in the emergency room for a fall-related injury. 

As a private practice audiologist, you see countless patients each day who could benefit from our expertly developed balance therapy program. FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers' patient-focused, system-driven balance program allows you to seize the opportunity to treat this untapped patient population, diversifying your practice and securing a wealthy exit strategy.



A cloud-based resource with in-depth training for every position, expansive marketing materials, protocols, TV & social media content, CEUs, and more!

FYZICAL Balance Therapy

Balance Therapy

The world's premier balance and vestibular training and protocols allow you to serve an untapped patient population. Become the go-to balance experts in your community.



BodyQ is a proprietary app based testing program addressing movement, function, general health, vision, hearing, balance, and recovery. 



Innovative and proven business model and systems that grow your business at 5x the average independent practice.

dizzy elderly man finds relief through balance therapy


With a FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center, you will be able to:

Boost ancillary revenue. Balance therapy is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans, which leads to substantial ancillary income for your business.
Provide better care. It's estimated that nearly 30% of audiology patients suffer from balance or vestibular dysfunctions. FYZICAL provides a way to treat them and help prevent life-threatening falls.
Diversify your business. Our balance therapy program can be administered by your employees, allowing your staff to generate passive income even when you aren’t there.
Significantly increase growth potential. You will cross-promote additional services, such as hearing testing, sinus evaluations, and more, for your balance therapy patients leading to tremendous practice growth.
Build a wealthy exit strategy. This new business model will help significantly increase the value of your practice, generating substantial income NOT dependent on your own two hands, helping you build a successful retirement when you're ready.

Learn More From Current Owners

Brian Werner DPT teaches the world's leading vestibular therapy certification


Proven Business Model – designed for rapid growth, profitability, and excellence in patient care
Education and Training – developed for you and your staff based on proven success principles
Ongoing Support – customized for each stage of your practice’s growth
Marketing Strategy – proven to generate results without all the guesswork
Clinic Design – optimized for success and tailored to fit your space
Volume Buying Power – strength in numbers to help save you money


Brian Werner DPT teaches the world's leading vestibular therapy certification


The only concern you will have is how to care for the countless patients in need of therapy. Our territories are exclusive and they are going fast! We currently have locations in 45 states and we continue to grow rapidly! Thousands of private practice owners are now locked out from exploring FYZICAL. The first step is to speak with a FYZICAL Advisor and determine if your territory is open.

Our group is beyond excited because it really has revitalized our practice. If you’re looking to add an ancillary service to your existing ENT practice, or even if you are an audiologist or neurologist, a FYZICAL Balance center is a no brainer.
Dr. Sarah Powell
Franchisee / Dakota Dunes, SD
I picked up a magazine that changed my life forever…I'm an otolaryngologist and private practice owner of 16 years. Our group added a FYZICAL balance center as an ancillary service this past year. The balance center has added over 7 figures of revenue to our practice with no additional work on our behalf. This ancillary is the future for us OTOs, and it’s taking over our field rapidly.
Dr. Carl Stephenson
Franchisee / Tuscaloosa, AL

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