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Part 1: What to know before you start your own PT practice 

If you’re like most physical therapists who want to open a practice, you may be motivated to get started but have an overwhelming number of questions about the process.

How to start a physical therapy practice

In our three-guide series, we will help walk you through the three stages of opening a physical therapy practice; before you open, setting up your practice, and maximizing your success after you open. In part one of our guides, we will walk you through the steps of understanding the components that go into starting your practice and we'll share tips on:

  • Defining Your Practice: Methods to determine what the demand for physical therapy is in your market and how to identify the number of potential patients in your area. 
  • Understanding Your Market: How to evaluate your local competition and how to offer services that are underserved.
  • Choosing a Practice Model: We'll walk you through the many PT models available and discuss the pro's and con's of each.
  • Planning for Success: How to create a strategic plan that will help prepare your practice for financing.
  • The Cost of Opening: we walk you through the costs associated with opening your practice, the funding options available, and how to be prepared to pursue whichever one you choose.

The information in these guides can be invaluable to those looking to start their own practice. If you're looking to open your physical therapy practice, you can't miss these guides. To download this guide now, submit the form here!

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