Selling Your Physical Therapy Practice:
The Four Guides every PT owner should see to Maximize Their Selling Price.

Don't sell your physical therapy practice until you've seen our guides below!


Is Your Practice Prepared for Your Retirement?

No seriously, what is your strategy when you plan to retire? Being a private practice owner is a labor of love. You've spent years building your PT practice while simultaneously providing quality care to patients in your community. But what happens to your practice when you want to retire?

Learn the secret to how PT's across the country are maximizing the value of their practice with the four guides below!


Guide #1

Before You Sell Your PT Practice
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A comprehensive guide on preparing for a wealthy exit from physical therapy private practice.


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Guide #2

7 Guiding Principles for Working On Your Practice - Not in It
Seven Guiding Principles Cover

Before you sell your practice, you must prepare your practice to operate without you. 


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Guide #3

If You Want to Get Rich Selling Your Practice...

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If You Want to Maximize Your
Practices' Value - Do These 6 Things! 


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Guide #4

What is Your Practice Worth?

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7 Things you Need to Know Before You Sell Your Physical Therapy Practice.


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Ready to Retire and Not sure where to start?

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