My Fyzical Franchise Story: Scott Pensivy

Franchisee in Las Vegas, NV

Therapist to the Stars and Famous Athletes Grows Business from $2 million to $5.2 million. “Since joining FYZICAL, I’m able to pay my employees more, provide much greater opportunities, and spend significantly more time doing what I love, working directly with the Golden State Warriors.”

Scott Pensivy FYZICAL Franchisee Success StoryMy name is Scott Pensivy; I’ve been practicing PT in Las Vegas for 28 years. Early in my career, I was operating a reasonably large business, with 12 practices. In 1993, I sold this business to NovaCare. It was at this point I told myself I never wanted to be affiliated with a large company again.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with many professional athletes, which started soon after I moved to Las Vegas. About 25 years ago, I began doing all of the screenings for boxers who came to Vegas to fight, including Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, and Mike Tyson. As the word spread, my clinic became the place for professional athletes to go for physical therapy. Now, I’ve got about 300 superstar pro athletes on the patient roster, from the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, USTA, UFC, and more.

As motivating as this is, I was slowly seeing the profession become challenged in areas I had very little control of, thus finding myself working seven days a week and being owned by my clinic, as I am sure many physical therapy outpatient owners often feel. I knew there was another direction and atmosphere I could entertain to be successful, and at the same time helpful to my patients. I was finding myself unable to pay my employees the salary they deserved and it was disheartening and disappointing that I could not meet their financial or personal goals. I’d been in practice for almost 30 years and I could see the reimbursements remain unchanged since day one, and I could not understand how to meet overhead.

Joining Fyzical

Fast forward to 2015. Brian Werner, a private practice owner specializing in balance in my area, had partnered with a group by the name of FYZICAL. I soon realized he was evolving, both professionally and personally. After a few conversations with Brian, I made the decision to have a conversation with FYZICAL. I was originally apprehensive after being with NovaCare, but this appeared to be different… much different. I realized FYZICAL truly wanted to help the profession of physical therapy flourish, while remaining 100% independently owned.

When I first joined FYZICAL, my business was in a standstill. I had two clinics struggling to hold onto quality help and I was unable to provide my employees growth professionally and financially. I also did not have time to work on other areas such as working with professional teams and consulting along with a passion of creating intellectual properties to enhance patients’ health.

FYZICAL has allowed me to become a better practitioner, better person, and better business owner.

Rewarding REsults of Franchising

It wasn’t long before I began implementing FYZICAL’s management techniques. For almost 30 years, I had been managing my practice with a monthly report. What I never realized was by the time I saw there was a problem, it was too late to correct it. I now have a daily management report, and make adjustments on an ongoing basis. Interestingly, the most helpful tool for me has been the weekly general manager calls. Every week, FYZICAL hosts a general management call to review specific items. Rather than just talking and complaining, we identify issues, develop an action plan, set trigger dates and review outcomes. This call has been a major difference maker in my practice.

Scott pensivy snapshot fyzical franchisee success storySince joining FYZICAL, my 2 location business has grown significantly. I now operate 4 centers with over 70 employees, and I’m taking advantage of shared marketing expenses, the growth of the brand, and most importantly for me, I am able to pay my employees more and provide them with a lot more opportunity. I can now identify what it is that they want to achieve in life, and help them get there through my business. I’ve recently been focused on loosening my schedule in the clinic, which has provided me much more time to work with the Golden State Warriors.

The End REsults

I’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years. Reimbursements aren’t going up. DPTs are coming out of school $250,000+ in debt. It is pretty obvious we need to find a new way of operating our clinics. Unless we form our alliance as private practice owners, we will die. FYZICAL’s founder Jim Abrams saw this 4 years ago as a diamond in the rough. We all knew it, we just didn’t know how to polish the diamond. If we stick together we can accomplish so much, and we’re already doing so, with insurance contracts, group buying power, and the best in patient care… numbers is power.

The more FYZICAL practitioners we have, the greater the number, the greater the movement, and the greater the success. FYZICAL has allowed me to become a better practitioner, better person, and better business owner. Check out FYZICAL now before it’s too late.


  • 2015 Revenue: $1,945,435 Profit: $120,000
  • 2016 Revenue: $2,475,136 Profit: $280,000
  • 2017 Budgeted Revenue: $5.2 million Budgeted Profit: $1.4 million

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