RJ Williams

Franchisee in Las Vegas, NV

“Our practice grew from $800k in revenue to over $8 million since joining FYZICAL.""I know what you're thinking. Sounds too good to be true right? It's not. We have the financials to back it up.

RJ Williams FYZICAL Franchisee Success StoryMy name is RJ Williams. I found FYZICAL right out of college. Thanks to my interest in vestibular rehab, I started my last internship at the same time our practice owner aligned with FYZICAL. Expressing my desire for management opportunity, I was quickly launched into a general management role. For me, it was an instance of great timing because FYZICAL has taught me everything I know clinically and in business operations.

Continued Learning

Through the network, I’ve taken most of the advanced courses in clinical skills and it has directly improved my patient care. I have also grown my personal value through business leadership opportunities within the company, which has allowed me to learn high level business management philosophy.

I believe there is no one within my graduating cohort that has both experienced and advanced at the rate and level that I have. It’s all because of FYZICAL.

Have you ever driven through a thick fog in the dark? You know where you’re going and how to drive the car, you don’t know how to get where you want to be. The fog makes it difficult to steer. Without a guiding light, you find yourself hopeless on the side of the road, unable to move. FYZICAL was that light for our business, and for us.

I believe there is no one within my graduating cohort that has both experienced and advanced at the rate and level that I have. It’s all because of FYZICAL.

Real Growth

When I joined, our business was failing. We were weeks away from closing our doors, and unable to make payroll. We realized our clinical labor against productivity was where we needed the most work. We also needed to increase referrals and improve marketing performance drastically. Now, we are thriving and growing every day.

FYZICAL gave us guidance and a structure to model our existing business after. The real advantage was having the experts help us identify goals we didn’t even know we had. Like I mentioned before, when I started, just making payroll was a challenge at that time. It was difficult to see beyond the financial woes that were a direct result of our own inefficiencies. The first challenge was understanding which areas were out of alignment for managing a business. Then, we discovered the direction needed to fix them in our strategic planning with FYZICAL.

Before joining FYZICAL, our clinical costs were over 60% of revenue, substantially higher than FYZICAL’s pillar of success for clinical labor percentage.

Hidden Profit

FYZICAL provides us with so many simple tips and tools for immediate positive growth, it really is a matter of working smarter and not harder. Chances are, you probably don’t realize how much money you are leaving out there. You really owe it to yourself to explore all possibilities. If cash is a concern about joining, you will find it hidden in your practice like I did.

After you FYZICAL-ize your practice and recoup that cost, it’s just a matter of hitting the gas pedal and moving forward. You must respect the work that needs to get done, however. FYZICAL is going to show you how to run your business. You have to work and implement it for yourself. Even in the times when the fog is gone, FYZICAL continues providing guidance and innovations. The most satisfying part is knowing I did it and seeing the drastic differences it has made on our practice. You can have the same level of satisfaction… it all starts by attending a PT Revolution event.”

Future Goals: 5 years from now, our plan is to exceed $15 million in revenue, and we have the plan to do so. It’s amazing to see where we are today, and where we are heading. I don’t know if we’d even exist today without FYZICAL.


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