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See What Our Franchisees Are Saying

These success stories only scratch the surface of the achievements FYZICAL franchisees are making all over the country. Check out our Resources page for more video testimonials and stories.

Since joining FYZICAL, my practice has grown 45%. I’m also continuing to increase my cash sales, nearing $100 per unique patient that walks through my front door. The best part of my growth is that I now know that 45% more growth is still possible in the very near-term and I have a plan and a budget in place to make it happen.

Eric Bjorkman

Franchisee / Lincoln, NE

I joined FYZICAL early 2014, as one of the first five franchisees. I was a bit nervous, but overall excited. I went right to work. My first year with FYZICAL, I saw 30% growth as I steadily implemented all I was learning and re-branded. The second year, I experienced 80% growth in revenue, and have continued steady growth over the past year. Leadership is the key and I have found great leaders and mentors at FYZICAL.

Gina Reuillon

Franchisee / Stuart, FL

Last year, our business grew 20%, and our profits skyrocketed! Moving forward, we have lofty goals… and we have the tools, the knowledge, and the plan, to get there. We’re laughing at the business owners who called us “suckers” for franchising with FYZICAL.

Brian & Melinda Sganga

Franchisees / Lake City, FL

I picked up a magazine that changed my life forever…I'm an otolaryngologist and private practice owner of 16 years. Our group added a FYZICAL balance center as an ancillary service this past year. The balance center has added $1.2 million of revenue to our practice with no additional work on our behalf. This ancillary is the future for us OTOs, and it’s taking over our field rapidly.

Dr. Carl Stephenson

Franchisee / Tuscaloosa, AL

During the first 6 months I was a member of FYZICAL, I ended up completing the year at $730k in revenue, up from the year before at $680k. My first full year with FYZICAL, 2015, I closed out slightly above $3 million in revenue. That’s right, over $3 million dollars. Last year (2017), I closed out the year above $5 million. I would not be where I am today without FYZICAL. I no longer treat patients in my practice; I manage my business as a businessman. My ambitions are to build a $25 million private practice within the next 5 years and FYZICAL has helped me create a plan to do it.”

Chris Mulvey

Franchisee / Fort Myers, FL

I almost ran my MBA from Notre Dame through a paper shredder after going through FYZICAL’s business training. After 25 years, my wife and I built a $993k practice. In just two years with FYZICAL, that same practice has increased to $1.56 million.

Mike Strakal

Franchisee / Tulsa, OK

My business grew 28% before spending one penny marketing. This growth was attributed simply to improving the efficiency inside my current practice since joining FYZICAL. My cash sales have also grown from $2,000 to $48,000. Prior to FYZICAL, I looked at my business short-term. Did I have enough money that month to pay the bills? I never looked long term. Now, I have a 5-year plan. I have a purpose. If I follow everything, and stick to my strategic plan, I know I am going to get where I need to be.

Tony Macaluso

Franchisee / New Orleans, LA

FYZICAL’s business principles became the staple to turning around my practice. I have an MBA and a JD, but I have never learned the business principles I’ve learned with FYZICAL. I feel like I have a Harvard MBA after discovering the FYZICAL principles. These management tools are broken down in a simple, structured manner you can implement immediately and start working on your business.

Alex Matz

Franchisee / Miami, FL

We opened a FYZICAL balance center in our practice. It has completely rejuvenated my career, AND our business. We’ve grown from 2 to 5 physicians in one year. My partner and I are successfully operating an employee-based model, and generating more income, while helping more patients.

Dr. Vien Phommachanh

Franchisee / Sarasota, FL

After practicing for over 30 years, and operating a $10 million business, I started running out of ways to continue growing my business. One of the interesting tools I’ve taken advantage of with FYZICAL is BodyQ, a musculoskeletal exam administered on an iPad. For one, it generates cash business, and two, I am actually now referring to physicians in the area, not just receiving referrals. This has helped me build a lot of reciprocal relationships in my area, create ongoing cash-based patient relationships, and is something I’ve never been able to do prior to FYZICAL.

Risa Hofmeister

Franchisee / Omaha, NE

We are the last private practice in our area and our revenue has nearly doubled! Since joining FYZICAL, our staff now has opportunities they never had before. They are making more money, have a bright future ahead, and we’ve even had the opportunity to set up a company retirement account for our employees. To give you an idea of growth using our ‘year over year total visits,’ in July of 2014, we had 421 visits. This year, we saw 1,081 visits out of the same office during the same month of July! This type of growth is almost unbelievable in rural Georgia, where we practice. It doesn’t matter if you are in the heart of New York City, rural Georgia, or somewhere in between… the FYZICAL system works

Chris Brunelle & Michael Shiver

Franchisees / Camilla & Albany, GA

FYZICAL is helping me build a multi-million dollar business from the ground up. Without FYZICAL, planning would have been the biggest missed opportunity without FYZICAL’s strategic planning program. My growth would have been drastically lower than the 30-50% we are currently experiencing/projecting annually. Additionally, we would not have a world class balance program (under the guidance of Brian Werner), and our patients with balance disorders would be under-served.

Sanjeev Joseph

Franchisee / Lakewood Ranch, FL

Our group is beyond excited because it really has revitalized our practice. If you’re looking to add an ancillary service to your existing ENT practice, or even if you are an audiologist or neurologist, a FYZICAL Balance center is a no brainer.

Dr. Sarah Powell

Franchisee / Dakota Dunes, SD