Breaking Down the Physical Therapy Clinic Startup Costs



If you’re a physical therapist, you, like other medical practitioners, begin your career working for someone else. As you progress, you realize starting your own practice is the best way to enjoy career freedom and potentially, financial freedom - but the questions you have about opening your own practice are many. Don't worry, we're here to make owning a physical therapy practice a smooth and supportive process.

For those looking to start their own practice, we typically receive these two questions;

  • How much does it cost to open my practice and what funding options are available?

  • Where is the best place to build my physical therapy practice?

Both questions are a great place to start. Below, you'll find our guide on How To Fund Your PT Practice along with a comprehensive guide on How To Find The Best Locations for Your Physical Therapy Practice.



For access to superior business knowledge, unyielding operational support, a breadth of resources designed especially for private practitioners, the latest technology and power of brand that FYZICAL brings to the table, new members can anticipate a total project investment for a FYZICAL franchise to fall somewhere between $200,000-$250,000 [See FYZICAL 2020 FDD p.13]. While the total investment may not be necessary, access to this amount of capitol allows you to nurture your business through the early stages of establishment and growth.

Many of our members choose to leverage savings or other personal assets, but our start-up team can offer guidance on the funding options that are available to you - including Small Business Administration (SBA) loans with flexible repayment options, 401k Rollovers, or HELOC, if appropriate for your situation.

Through FYZICAL there is a path to physical therapy business ownership and success. We are here to help you navigate your options to secure funding for your new practice.


When new physical therapists start their clinics independently, they only have themselves to rely on. That means they need to ensure they’ve accounted for everything required to open their doors, and if they’ve forgotten something, that can lead to extensive unexpected expenses. One of the best things about partnering with FYZICAL is that we’ll make a custom plan for your new clinic that includes just about everything it How do I Start? card with a urban backgroundtakes to get started. No one can predict the future, but our expertise reduces the likelihood of unplanned costs.

A few of the principal expenses covered in the investment include:

  • The FYZICAL Membership Investment: Your FYZICAL membership gives you access to exclusive valuable resources like marketing materials, business coaching, proven operational systems, and much more.

  • Equipment: We’ll ensure that your practice is fully-equipped for the services you’ll provide.

  • Real Estate Costs: The lease on your location is built in here and allows us to help you find a perfect space for your new business.

  • Leasehold Improvements: We’ll work with you to get your location into great shape for opening.

When you contact us, we’ll get a feel for the type of clinic you’d like to open. Then, we’ll work with you to come up with a plan that includes physical therapy clinic startup costs.

Don’t hesitate – contact FYZICAL today to start the process of opening your own practice!

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