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Watch the Webinar: ENVIZION

The premier business education four-part webinar for PT private practice owners


Part 1: Identifying PT Industry Challenges and Opportunities

Part 2: PTRX - Business Model of the Future

Part 3: Opportunities in Balance and Vestibular Therapy

Part 4: What FYZICAL Offers PT Private Practice Owners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not answered here? Get in touch with our team. 

What is FYZICAL?

FYZICAL was created by physical therapists for physical therapists. Our unique business model helps current physical therapy private practice owners thrive and remain independent! With our proprietary systems and guidance, practitioners discover how to streamline their business to become more efficient and grow without compromising patient care.

On average, practice owners who have moved to the Fyzical business model experienced same-store sales growth from 2020 - 2021 at an average of 19.2%! Our shared physical therapy business expertise, proprietary balance, and vestibular therapy program, and the backing of a nationally recognized brand are the key elements that come together to cultivate our member's success!

Do you tell members how to treat or run their business?

With FYZICAL your practice will remain independent, but never alone.

You really do maintain 100% ownership of your practice. We recognize that what makes private practice great is the quality of treatment and personal feel that you bring to your clinic. We provide members with opportunities to enhance clinical and business outcomes, but we'll never force them to alter their treatment models. We won't tell you who to hire or fire, and we never want to diminish what has already brought you success in your community. Instead, we'll work together to navigate the challenges you encounter as a private practitioner. We will provide you with an incredible community of support, offer guidance to meet the goals you set, and give you access to comprehensive training to enhance your practice from every aspect as you see fit.

What does it cost to move to the Fyzical Business Model?

We're flexible. We recognize each practice's business situation is unique, and we strive to make joining FYZICAL accessible to every practice owner, so we have options available for practices of every size! We want to work with you to make this next step in your practice obtainable and achievable. Schedule a call to discuss your options and learn more about the costs and benefits of becoming part of the FYZICAL family.


What exactly do I get as a member?

Business Training
Get ready for a business reboot! Our operations team is available to support you every step of the way! Our comprehensive business training gives our members access to learn and implement the most effective protocols, processes, and procedures for operations, management, billing, marketing, recruitment, and more!

Free Clinical Training

Free continuing education and clinical training for your entire team are provided by our industry experts, including cutting-edge protocols for balance therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, orthopedics, pelvic health, TMJ, and more!

Wealthy Exit Strategy

Each step of the FYZICAL model enhances the value of your business and makes it more attractive should you decide to exit. With FYZICAL, you will pursue your goals while building an effective exit strategy simultaneously - so you can treat when you want to, not because you have to.

Professional Network

Those who align with FYZICAL join hundreds of private practitioners from across the country who all share the common goal of improving their practice and enhancing private practice. Members share ideas and best practices and support each other in a truly collaborative environment along their business journeys.

A Pathway to Growth

Set the goals you want to achieve, and we'll help you reach them. Complete a customized, specific, five-year strategic growth plan to achieve your individual goals. Reaching your destination is easier when you know the way!

Nationally Recognized Brand

FYZICAL is an award-winning, nationally recognized brand highly sought out by patients all over the country! We strive to be the most trusted, accessible entry point for wellness and health and create remarkable connections with our partners and patients. We would love to welcome you into the FYZICAL family!

Proprietary Balance & Vestibular Program

Our proprietary FYZICAL Balance Paradigm can provide rapid growth of outpatient referrals, patient visits, and billings. You'll effectively understand the ICD-10 codes that offer greater reimbursements for these services. Our program incorporates all aspects of rehabilitation with physical therapy, neurological rehabilitation, audiology, and occupational therapy. Integrating this service into your practice will expand your core services, grow awareness of fall rehabilitation and prevention, and improve patient care.

Can FYZICAL really help me grow my practice?

FYZICAL works with practices of any shape and size, from the stand-alone practice to multi-location owners! If you're a single-location, single doctor practice who wants to operate more effectively or a multi-location practice that wants to grow even more - we will help you create a pathway to meet your goals successfully! Practitioners who align with us choose to do so because they recognize that the business of being a physical therapist is changing, and they will need to stay on the cutting edge to experience the same success they are used to.

Ready to franchise with Fyzical?

Let us know where you'd like to open a FYZICAL clinic, and we'll verify if that area is available for development.

Check Your Territory!