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FYZICAL's Partnership Advantage Program

With healthcare demands continually on the rise, FYZICAL is primed to offer unique partnership opportunities for licensed, qualified physical therapists. The FYZICAL Partnership Advantage Program was designed to offer clinic ownership opportunities to physical therapists who partner with our franchisees.

Learn how you can earn equity through partnership opportunities with FYZICAL clinic owners

An accomplished physical therapist can add extensive value as a partner through their experience in practice and lead day-to-day operations while skillfully driving business endeavors.

A seasoned business entrepreneur brings expertise, knowledge, and financial resources.

  • Are you looking for an easier path to business ownership? 
  • Do you bring a wealth of knowledge and clinical expertise that aligns with a partner's savvy business intellect?
  • Are you looking for ownership opportunities that grow beyond a single clinic? 
Unless you have ownership in a practice, you're renting your job. Like renting a home, you have no ownership stake or equity benefits. However, if you can be a minority partner in one or several clinics, you can own your job with clinic equity.
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