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The #1 Ancillary Available to ENT Practice Owners

Elevate Your ENT Practice with a FYZICAL Balance Center Add-On

As a private practice owner in otolaryngology, you already have everything it takes to drive additional revenue by adding a FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center. Whether you're looking for ways to extend your career, or you simply want to provide non-surgical options to patients who aren't otherwise qualified, you'll want to learn how FYZICAL can help you get there. When you franchise with us, you can provide more comprehensive care to your existing patient load, attract new patients, access new referral sources, maximize your dollar per-patient revenue, and increase your practice’s ancillary services income.

The FYZICAL add-on model leverages your existing patient base to drive patient care opportunities through the balance center, resulting in increased participation throughout all other aspects of your business!



See Why FYZICAL is the #1 Most Profitable Ancillary Service for ENTs

What Does This Webinar Cover?

Our proprietary FYZICAL Balance Paradigm uses your clinical diagnosis and applies a clinical treatment algorithm for each patient following Sensory Mismatch Theory to revolutionize the treatment of dizzy and balance patients. 

Join this webinar to hear firsthand from fellow otolaryngologists who have implemented this ancillary service into their practice. This opportunity allows ENTs to diversify their practice, extend their career, and increase non-surgical options for patients who would otherwise be left without. We'll cover topics like:

Turn Employees Into Income Producers

In a FYZICAL Balance center, your employees can generate significant revenue without the practitioner’s involvement.

A Model That Generates Significant Profit

Nobody runs a therapy business like we do – our company clinics operate at 21.1% – 23% adjusted EBITDA. By leveraging an existing patient base, you eliminate the need for a marketing expense which could increase your margins!

Increase Existing Performance

The business principles that make FYZICAL clinics effective can be applied to your existing practice. Our first ENT/AuD center reduced their overhead by 18% before their balance center even opened!

Differentiate Your Practice and Gain More Business

Grow new referral relationships from those who don’t already refer today, through a therapy solution that can’t be found anywhere else. Provide comprehensive care and watch as ENT/AuD referrals begin to increase as well.

Drive Participation In Other Ancillaries

Patient population overlap between a balance center and other ancillaries is significant. Existing members have seen significant growth in their current service offerings such as allergy, surgery and hearing aid sales after adding a balance center to their practice.

Develop A Wealthy Exit Strategy

When an ENT/AuD wants to retire, the revenue they generate leaves with them and offers no value. The profit generated by a balance center remains with the business and can command a significant multiple upon exit.


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