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OTO Game Changer

Discover the #1 most profitable ancillary for private practice otolaryngologists.

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Explore the Business of Balance at OTO Game Changer

A FYZICAL Balance Center is the perfect complement to your practice because you already have a steady stream of patients in need of balance and vestibular therapy - all you need is a PT to provide the care. Now, you can finally feel good about treating dizzy and imbalanced patients because you'll have FYZICAL's premier balance therapy protocols.

Attend OTO Game Changer to learn how you can add a balance center to your existing practice, and discover the systems and procedures for the "business-side" of balance. 

Game Changer is completely free to attend and held at the Ritz Carlton in beautiful Sarasota, Florida - home of the #1 beach in the USA. 

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Help an Aging Population

10,000 Baby Boomers are celebrating their 65th birthday today and will continue to do so every day until 2030. Retirees are living more active lives and looking for ways to improve their mobility.

Reduce Medicare Costs

Falls continue to be one of the biggest Medicare costs in the US. Falls among older adults cost Medicare over $50 billion in 2015.

Prevent Falls

Balance therapy greatly increases survival rates after a fall and prevents patients from falling in the future.

Feel Good Treating Dizzy Patients

Nearly everyone experiences a vestibular dysfunction in their lifetime. Now you'll have the solution they've been looking for and you'll never have to turn them away again.

Create Wealth

With a FYZICAL Balance Center, you'll be able to create substantial wealth even while you're on vacation. Your employees become revenue generators in your practice.

Join the Best

Our proprietary balance program was developed over 20 years by expert therapists and business leaders using an innovative business model designed to help you provide the best in quality patient care as well as achieve business success. 


Now is the Time

There has never been a better time to get into the business of balance because the benefits are real and they are huge!

Just like many physicians who recognized the benefit of owning their own surgery centers, now is your chance to help more patients and generate ancillary income with your very own world-class balance center. Learn more at OTO Gamechanger.

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Enhance Patient Care

The best part of adding a balance center to your practice is that it will immediately benefit your current patient base, because 30% or more of your current patients are already potential candidates for balance therapy.

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