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FYZICAL's balance program is easy to implement because We provide you with turnkey solutions to a booming balance business!


I picked up a magazine that changed my life forever…I'm an otolaryngologist and private practice owner of 16 years. Our group added a FYZICAL balance center as an ancillary service this past year. The balance center has added 7 figures of revenue to our practice with no additional work on our behalf. This ancillary is the future for us OTOs, and it’s taking over our field rapidly.

Dr. Carl Stephenson

Franchisee / Tuscaloosa, AL

We opened a FYZICAL balance center in our practice. It has completely rejuvenated my career, AND our business. We’ve grown from 2 to 5 physicians in one year. My partner and I are successfully operating an employee-based model, and generating more income, while helping more patients.

Dr. Vien Phommachanh

Franchisee / Sarasota, FL

Our group is beyond excited because it really has revitalized our practice. If you’re looking to add an ancillary service to your existing ENT practice, or even if you are an audiologist or neurologist, a FYZICAL Balance center is a no brainer.

Dr. Sarah Powell

Franchisee / Dakota Dunes, SD