Mini Master Franchise Opportunity

For entrepreneurs who want to open five or more clinics and enjoy a reduced royalty

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Get ready to learn how you can become a FYZICAL Mini Master

Are you a motivated entrepreneur seeking a Master Franchise or multi-unit opportunity with an award-winning brand -- but not looking for the pressure of franchise sales to develop your market? 

Reap all the benefits of a traditional Master Franchise and take advantage of FYZICAL's new five-clinic self-development opportunity, the Mini Master Franchise opportunity!

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Why Physical Therapy?

A $53.08 billion industry growing with no end in sight

Unprecedented Growth

The physical therapy industry in the United States was estimated at $53.08 Billion in 2023 and is projected to increase by 8.2% annually

Low Competition

There are no leading companies with a market share greater than 5%. This fragmented market share spells a great opportunity for FYZICAL investors

Favorable Demographics

By 2060, there will be 95 Million Seniors in the U.S. This massive group will rely on physical therapy to help them relieve pain and increase their mobility.

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On the FYZICAL Franchise Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to grab a piece of the healthcare industry pie? If so, now could be your opportunity. FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is the fastest-growing physical therapy franchise in the country. 

To learn more, download your copy of The Comprehensive Guide to the FYZICAL Investment Opportunity,

Just a few reasons our franchisees love the FYZICAL model...

A Unique Differentiator

FYZICAL's proprietary Balance Paradigm system empowers our PTs to treat balance and vestibular diagnoses that other providers simply can't.

Partner Discounts

We will make vendor introductions and set you up with our FYZICAL partner discounts.

Location Support

Our team of experts will help you find a space and plan your build so it provides you with the highest probability of success.

In-Depth Training

Our team helps with everything from bookkeeping, to marketing support, to attracting new visitors.

On-Site Support

We offer on-site training and assistance at your center to ensure your are set up for success.

Marketing Support

We work with you to launch local marketing campaigns geared at attracting the attention of prospective patients.

Revenue Streams

Franchising with FYZICAL allows you to branch out and build a practice that serves as a total wellness center.

Exit Strategy

We help build value into our locations so that our partners can expect to see the largest return on their investment.

franchisee benefits

When you commit to self-developing five or more clinics you'll enjoy the following benefits as a FYZICAL franchisee:

Reduced royalty for all five locations: 3.9% instead of 6%

Control the development of your entire market

Leverage economies of scale to increase profitability

Minimum five clinic commitment

No pressure to sell licenses to meet your development schedule

Unparalleled Operational Support

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Understanding FYZICAL's
Mini-Master Opportunity

What is a Mini Master Franchise? 

A unique opportunity and a different approach to developing and expanding multiple locations.

How does it work?

As a Mini Master franchisee, you will commit to developing five FYZICAL clinics within a territory and receive reduced royalties for each clinic.

What to expect

By developing a larger territory, you reap the benefit of reduced royalties for a savings of 35% on an ongoing monthly basis.

Master vs Mini Master

With the Mini Master opportunity, develop multiple locations with reduced royalty, with no pressure to develop a large number of clinics or sell licenses to meet your development schedule.

Mini Master Territory Map Example

What does a Mini-Master territory look like?

  • A territory this size will support five or more FYZICAL clinic locations and qualify for royalty reduction.

  • Skip the sub-franchise sales and self-develop just five locations to earn the same break on royalties our Master Franchisee partners experience!

  • Control your market growth and enjoy economies of scale to increase profitability potential!

Answering Your Biggest Questions...

How Will I Get Patients?

Marketing is critical to growing any business, FYZICAL provides you with marketing support to greatly simplify this task. This includes website hosting/SEO, ready-made TV commercials, digital marketing training and support, customizable collateral and marketing materials, and much more! 

Do I Need Healthcare Experience?

Not at all. Your corporate support team has the process of opening a physical therapy clinic down to a science - so rest assured we can help you every step of the way.  You will be required to hire and maintain a physical therapist on your staff - but we help you with that too!  

How Much Does it Cost?

The total initial investment in a FYZICAL clinic will likely fall between $191,750 – $479,000. The exact amount you’ll end up investing will depend on a number of variables, such as where your clinic will be located, how many services you’ll initially offer, and so forth.

Prime Markets Now Available


Boise, ID

  Seattle, WA

  San Antonio, TX

Virginia Beach, VA

  Cleveland, OH

  And more!

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