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(For PT Private Practice Owners)

The Business Presentation for those Looking to Grow their PT Private Practices with the Model of the Future.



Who Should Attend ENVIZION?

Whether you want to partner, sell, or remain independent… you’ll benefit from hearing the information FYZICAL has compiled from private equity firms, industry leaders, private practice owners, futurists and industry experts! You can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity. 

*Interest in Aligning with FYZICAL is not required to attend.

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Independent. Not Alone.

This event is a must if you want to compete and win against hospitals, corporate consolidators, and other big business competitors. Explore a new business model designed specifically to help independents thrive in the present and future of therapy.

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Topics of Discussion Include:

Macro Trends

Discuss the sweeping changes that will alter physical therapy forever.





Business Model of the Future

A step-by-step guide to position yourself for success, no matter what your end goal may be. 

Business Optimization

How to increase financial success without increasing patient volume.

Drive Lasting Growth

How to take advantage of the number one opportunity in clinical physical therapy to drive clinic growth






"The month we joined we saw 420 visits in July 2014 and now we're averaging 1100-1200 visits per month in that same clinic. We didn't realize we had the capacity and capability to grow to that extent"

-Chris Brunelle



This is an event you do not want to miss!