Digital Event: PT Revolution

Learn More About Our Revolutionary Franchise

This video is your opportunity to see the innovative plan and proven business model from the fastest-growing physical therapy company in the world. It is for private practice PT owners, and it can show you how to help patients obtain better outcomes while making more money. The video is free, there is no obligation, and nothing will be sold within the video. It is all about education and more details regarding the FYZICAL opportunity.

By watching this video, you’ll discover:

  • Immediate action steps, including the best way to increase sales and profitability immediately
  • Your business’s future and how to manage a successful PT practice in the new age of healthcare
  • Business strategies, including how to gain a massive competitive advantage over your competitors
  • PT-Rx, our breakthrough business model specifically designed for the small business owner
  • How working together to share knowledge and power can both save you money and make you money
  • How to increase profits, decrease cancellations, generate referrals, and boost referral conversion rate

You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from franchisees who have been able to take advantage of the PT business model and are seeing tremendous success in their practices.

As a private practice owner, you’ve likely realized you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done. The profession is changing, and you face massive challenges from hospitals, mega PTs, declining reimbursements, insurance companies, and more. This video is your opportunity to see the plan revolutionizing physical therapy and discover exactly how to build your own.

Ready to take the next step? Watch the Discovery Video now!!

What to Expect Watching this Video

Get inspired by top speakers, and walk away with tools and knowledge to manage your practice better and the inspiration to do great things. You’ll hear stories from individuals before and after they joined FYZICAL, and what their business looks like today. You’ll also have the opportunity to witness a truly inspiring speaker while discovering business tips, hands-on lessons, and actions steps to take in your current practice. After watching this video you are going to feel like you’re walking away with a doctorate in managing your practice.

Watch the Discovery Video now!

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