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BPPV is for Sissies! ...Sorta

Most physical therapists think balance and vestibular management is BPPV management, but it’s not. Far from it. What makes FYZICAL’s balance and vestibular program different is our willingness to treat vestibulopathies.

FYZICAL will provide you with the two tools you need to succeed:

  1. A theoretical framework called Sensory Mismatch Theory
  2. A conceptual framework called the FYZICAL Balance Paradigm

The combination of these two tools allows a rehab therapist to determine the cause of dizziness or imbalance and create the appropriate plan of care. If you know the sensory mismatch (i.e. the patient is overlying on vision or overlying on surface balance), then you can use the conceptual FYZICAL Balance Paradigm to treat the individual.

Easily Taught and Trainable - For Free

Within the paradigm, there are five protocols for each unique mismatch. They are easily trainable which means your entire rehab team can learn state-of-the-art protocols to treat your dizzy patients. In fact, FYZICAL now offers these CEU courses to FYZICAL members and their clinical staff absolutely free.

Success, You, Your Patients and the Insurance Company Can See

Because the FYZICAL Balance Paradigm is based on condition and stage, it allows you to demonstrate progression when proving medical necessity to insurance companies. It also helps patients to visualize their progress – which is a tremendous motivator. In the past, dizzy patients have been frustrated because they couldn’t seem to get better or improve their condition with therapy. Now, FYZICAL patients are watching their condition progress with their therapist and feeling excited to finally feel some relief.

At FYZICAL, we often hear physical therapists say, “I already do balance,” but then after a lengthy discussion, it’s always the same: they only do BPPV, and they’re not doing enough to actually help their dizzy patients. This is why TRUE Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation is the largest opportunity in outpatient therapy.

You Care, You Learn, You Win

We can’t give away EVERY secret online, but a FYZICAL Advisor will be happy to assist you in learning more about the FYZICAL vestibular and balance rehab program.

If you care about your dizzy and imbalanced patients, learn how you can better serve them. If you care about your business, learn how you can grow and differentiate it. Don’t get left behind!


"One of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a vestibular therapist!"

This patient story is one of many stories that exemplify the efficacy of FYZICAL's balance and vestibular protocols.

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