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What is a Master Franchise?

A master franchise is a rare opportunity to build a recurring revenue income stream by developing a larger territory through sub-franchising.






How Does it Work?

A master franchisee purchases a large geographic territory - typically 1M people or more, they then work with the franchisor (FYZICAL) to identify and sell franchises to other investors within their territory. 






What Should I Expect? 

Master franchisees receive a portion of the initial franchise fee paid by every new franchisee within their territory, as well as a portion of the ongoing royalty that is paid monthly by that franchisee.

Brands such as Orange Theory Fitness and Massage Envy have successfully grown their franchises through master territory development.

Become a master franchisor with FYZICAL and build your physical therapy empire


Master Franchisee Benefits

  • Master earns 65% of territory fees from sub-franchised units
  • Right to develop all zip codes is included with Master territory purchase
  • 70% discount from standard $1 rate
  • Master earns 35% of royalties from sub-franchised units
  • 35% reduction in royalty for Master-owned units (6% to 3.9%)
  • Territory resale after development potentially yields higher profit


Develop Your Master Territory

For example: Within an area this size (blue) there is the potential for up to 20 franchise locations. The master franchisee would receive a portion of the license fee for each as well as a portion of the royalty paid by each of those 20 locations. 

Dallas map of master territory showing potential location mapping


FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is uniquely positioned within the recession-resistant physical therapy industry and operates within several additional thriving industries. Our ancillary services include balance, audiology, and wellness - as steady growth is predicted well into the future, now is a great time to break into our industry!


FYZICAL is a leading force in the industry, with nearly 500 locations open nationwide. We know how to build physical therapy clinics that have more to offer than local competitors and how to effectively grow the business. 


We help our partners work with a wide range of prospective customers including patients in need of general physical therapy, geriatrics, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, sports and rehabilitation, and beyond. 



Our model is exceptionally flexible. Investors decide what type of clinic they’d like to open, which services are right for their community, and what their goals are for the future. FYZICAL provides them with many of the resources they’ll need to meet these goals. 


The physical therapy industry has reported steady growth since 2007, with a projected increase of about 6.2% annually. Its predicted worth is an estimated $45 billion in 2023.


The wellness industry, driven by segments that include workplace wellness and preventative medicine, has also been steadily growing since as early as 2015. The expectation is that the industry will continue to expand through at least 2022. 


The audiology industry growth expectation is approximately 5.8% through 2026. As the older population, recognized as a significant segment of this industry, continues to grow, the expectation is audiology will continue to thrive.


What's Covered...

History & Projections
Physical Therapy, Wellness, and Audiology
The FYZICAL Balance Paradigm - a proprietary system
Company growth and projections
Benefits, partnership expectations, financial data, support and training

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