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Get to Know FYZICAL & Jim Abrams, the Man Behind the Brand

Jim Abrams, FYZICAL Founder

FYZICAL’s innovative programs are packaged into a revolutionary business system specifically geared toward your success, from advanced balance therapy to medically-based fitness programs and automated patient referral systems, to marketing tools that generate additional lines of revenue.

FYZICAL was co-founded by Jim Abrams in 2012, and it is now the fastest-growing healthcare franchise in the world, boasting locations in 38 states.

Proven industry disruptor and legendary innovator, Abrams, developed FYZICAL, continuing his track record as a successful business mogul and problem solver. Abrams is well-known for entering industries in turmoil, identifying the challenges, understanding what consumers want, and developing a business model for the independent business owner that changes the profession for the better.

Abrams’ track record of success speaks for itself. Early in his career he experienced tremendous success working for the very first Weight Watchers franchise. He also developed the franchise model for The Mutual Fund Store, a company that has over 10 billion dollars under management today. In his 40 years of business building experience, he has been the founder, co-founder, or on the executive level team of 7 national companies. (FYZICAL is #8).

Abrams has a knack for turning things around in a relatively short period of time for business owners who follow his effective business models. Perhaps even more important than leading private practice owners down the road to prosperity and success, though, is Abrams’ ability to inspire business owners to rediscover their passion and enthusiasm for their profession. Many of these practice owners now have successful, multimillion-dollar businesses and would never have to show up to work again —but they do anyway because they absolutely love it. This is what Abrams is bringing to healthcare with FYZICAL.

Secure your private practice future with the FYZICAL business model. Browse our website for more information on our physical therapy franchise opportunities or call (941) 220-2055 today!

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“More than any other period in history, people are living longer and doing all they can to remain healthy and active for as long as possible. And who is better equipped to be the steward of a patient’s physical health than a physical therapist? Nobody! PTs are able to enhance a patient’s total well-being, regain their freedom, and even save their lives by offering such services as balance programs to prevent falls, and health and wellness programs to achieve optimum health.”

“There is a growing consumer demand for excellent healthcare centering on prevention, wellness, and proactive health management programs. It’s no longer just repairing a patient’s injury; it’s about providing health and wellness programs that reduce the chance of injury occurring in the first place, and improving a patient’s overall health. This is what consumers want, and this is the direction healthcare is going.”

“I am absolutely, 100% confident FYZICAL can help you succeed! In fact, I’m a FYZICAL franchisee myself, just like the clients I serve. I’m using this proven business model and have quietly become one of the largest private practice owners in North America. My practice now includes 7 locations that have a combined annual revenue run rate I expect to exceed $11 million this year. I’m leading by example. This innovative business model works! FYZICAL works!”

Dedicated to Patient Care & Private Practice Success Through “PIBET”

At FYZICAL, we know our owners want to provide their patients with the best possible care. To that end, we encourage members to focus on our core concepts: PIBET.


“PIBET" stands for:

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Behavior
  • Education
  • Technology

With these five key elements, your FYZICAL center can offer patients the kind of personalized, high-quality care they can’t get from your competitors. Read on to see how each of these key concepts is applied in our revolutionary business model.


Our FYZICAL family focuses on pre-emptive identification of future problems rather than fixing injuries after they’ve happened. We support a proactive approach to preventing injuries from occurring in the first place. This transition from episodic care to holistic care is the future of healthcare, and FYZICAL is at the forefront.


We focus on understanding the current problems that plague the masses and, more specifically, our patients, such as overeating, obesity, not exercising enough, and sitting all day at work. We then work to intervene and call for “FYZICAL First,” encouraging our patients to visit FYZICAL before seeing a general practitioner.


At FYZICAL, we focus on treating, preventing, or intervening in the problematic behaviors of our patients. In fact, we believe this is our duty. FYZICAL can be a positive force for behavioral change, such as helping our patients stop smoking or work to overcome obesity. Behavioral changes will lead to significant savings in our healthcare system.


We focus on educating patients on how to combat tendencies that perpetuate bad habits. For example, we promote at-home exercises and maintenance to help patients achieve stronger and faster results. We also strive to be a well-educated company as a whole to attain the best outcomes in the industry, and at the leadership level, in fact, we travel the world to find and discover the best equipment and latest protocols for our patients


We focus on utilizing the most advanced technology in this new age of healthcare. Our proprietary BodyQ diagnostics tool gives FYZICAL the leading edge on diagnosing and educating patients in office while engaging them to perform many of the treatment activities at home. FYZICAL aims to provide the latest and greatest technology for our practice owners, and for our patients.

Franchising With Fyzical

We offer you what no other organization in the world does!

  • Comprehensive "How-To" Guides

  • Support Team of Experts

  • Premier Therapy Programs

  • Access to an Elite Network of PTs

  • Enhanced Patient Care

  • Maximum Profit Per Patient

  • Increased Ancillary Revenue

  • Decreased Dependency on Insurance

Innovative Business Model

Find stability and financial freedom doing what you love.

FYZICAL’s business model is specifically designed not only to give the patient the health and fitness they want and need, but to make the private practice owner a dominate player in the future of healthcare; thereby ensuring their success and prosperity.

Members of the FYZICAL family radiate the same enthusiasm and excitement for the future that Abrams has for helping people throughout the country and transforming healthcare. From all across the nation—in large cities, rural communities, and small towns—business owners with large, multi-clinic practices, solo practitioners and startup clinics, are achieving amazing results using FYZICAL’s business model.

If you’d like to discover more, watch the FYZICAL Discovery Video now!

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