Three Tips to Use Google To: Attract New Patients, Increase Referrals, Grow Your Practice

Did you know Google could be a great source for referrals? We've put together a tip sheet for physical therapy business owners on 3 Ways to Use Google to Drive Referrals. Learn more below!



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3 Ways to Use Google to Drive Referrals to Your Practice

Google is often an overlooked source for referrals for physical therapy private practice owners. These sources could include; orthopedic, vestibular, balance, neurologic, and dizziness patients. Learn how to optimize your practice digitally for Google to help generate more referrals. In this guide, you'll learn;

  • Tips to optimize your practice website for Google to rank higher.
  • How to claim your Google My Business page and get your business "seen" online.
  • How free blogs can boost your search rankings and boost referrals.

Every physical therapy business owner can take something away from this tip sheet. Get your free copy below!

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