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#1 Physical Therapy Franchise is the premier choice 

With a decade of franchise experience and a rapidly expanding network of over 550 locations spanning 46 states, FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is a pioneering force in the health and wellness sector. Setting the standards for excellence and innovation, FYZICAL is the nation's fastest-growing physical therapy franchise and the leader in the $53.08 billion physical therapy industry. 

FYZICAL specializes in addressing a wide range of conditions, including muscle, joint, and neurological issues, as well as balance and vestibular concerns. FYZICAL's proprietary #1 Balance Program, designed by experts at FYZICAL, answers the critical demand for balance therapy across the U.S.

When you partner with FYZICAL, you know that your clients are connecting with the industry's top Physical Therapy Franchise, backed by proven, flexible business models, groundbreaking therapies, and revolutionary treatments. FYZICAL's stature for its scalable profit opportunities, cutting-edge training and management systems and unique, comprehensive franchise support set a new standard for excellence and success in the physical therapy industry, all with no healthcare experience required!

With the milestone of our 500th franchisee-owned location, FYZICAL solidifies its unwavering commitment to revolutionizing healthcare, offering Single, Multi, Master, Mini-Master, and Partnership opportunities! 

Join us in shaping the future of healthcare and empower your clients to achieve financial prosperity. Partner with FYZICAL and unlock the path to profitability for your clients!

Our Franchise Options

Start with one franchise, multiple, or grow over time

Single Unit

Single unit commitment is an agreement to open a single FYZICAL franchise clinic.

The franchise fee is $49k for a single unit. 

The client should also meet the following financial qualifications:
 $150k liquid capital (Non-borrowed funds)
✓  $350k+ Networth
✓  Credit score of 650+


Multi-unit commitment is an agreement to open 2 or more clinics in your contract period.

The franchise fee for a 2nd unit: $35k, 3rd unit: $20k, any additional unit purchased at the same time: $20k. 

The client should also meet the following financial qualifications:
 $300k liquid capital (Non-borrowed funds)
✓  $500k+ Networth (for 2 Units)
✓  Credit score of 650+

Master Franchisee

Master Franchisee commitment is an agreement to open 10+ clinics in 10 years through subfranchising  or self development.

The franchise fee is $300k minimum based on a territory with a population of 1 million people. 

The client should also meet the following financial qualifications:
 $300k liquid capital (Non-borrowed funds)
 $1M+ Networth
 Credit score of 650+
Discovery Process

Broker Consultant Sales Process


Intro Call

During this initial call, clients will be introduced to the FYZICAL team and will receive information about franchising opportunities tailored to their specific needs.

Unit Economics Call

The Validation Process begins with this call, and the FYZICAL team will review all capital requirements and funding options.

Support Review Call

Clients will learn about FYZICAL's comprehensive support framework, including training, our 10-point management system, marketing, and more.

FDD Call

During this call, we'll go over our Franchise Disclosure Document and answer any questions you may have.

GameChanger Call

During this call, clients will have quality time with the FYZICAL Leadership Team to answer your client's specific questions.

Closing Call

Congratulations, and welcome to the FYZICAL family!

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Business of Balance Guide


Available Territories

Physical Therapy is in demand across the U.S.

Physical therapy is in great demand across all sectors. Check the map below to see if there is an available territory for a franchise opportunity. If you don’t see your location listed, don’t let that stop you from contacting us – we’re identifying great new territories all the time!

Territories Available      


2024 New Markets

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"I've been in franchising for 20 years and never had a franchise support me like FYZICAL does. Partnering with this brand has been nothing but success. FYZICAL is one of the most successful, leading brands in the physical therapy industry."

"FYZICAL's model has enhanced our growth tremendously. Their Balance and Vestibular Program has brought a whole new contingency of people in our clinic that has helped to make us the hallmark balance and vertigo treatment center. I don't think we'd be here without FYZICAL."

"FYZICAL offered business opportunities to someone like me without a medical degree. I could see the playbook FYZICAL was offering, and I knew we could grow and scale. It was a great opportunity for me to grow, be my own boss, and set myself up for financial success in the future."

Franchise Disclosure Documents


Unit Level FDD



AR Level FDD



Washington State FDD


State Deferments - Escrow

Illinois, Maryland, South Dakota, Washington

State Deferments - Fee Deferral

Hawaii, Virginia

All Other States

All other states are registered except California and New York

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