The business benefits

Converting your own Colorado physical therapy practice, expanding your ENT/OTO office, or starting your own practice as a physical therapist or an investor has never had more benefits!



You'll receive a customized, specific, five-year strategic plan that you can follow to achieve your individual goals. Reaching your destination is easier when you know the way!

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Learn business knowledge and management strategies designed to enhance your efficiency, resulting in the financial reward you deserve.



Make a bigger impact by learning how to grow and scale your business (without growing your workload). The average clinic grows by more than 40% after joining FYZICAL!*



As you build cash, in additional to traditional therapy, into your business, you will reduce your dependency on insurance reimbursement and further secure your future.

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Each step of the FYZICAL model enhances the value of your business and makes it more attractive should you decide to exit. As you pursue your goals, you simultaneously build an exit strategy!



You are still independent as a member of FYZICAL, but you are no longer alone. You have the support of a family of thousands of clinicians and hundreds of locations motivated to see you succeed.

Healthcare Industry

Opening a healthcare franchise in Colorado has great potential, and physical therapy alone is a popular service to start with. That being said, Colorado's residents are in need of more than just physical therapy, so why stop there?

FYZICAL’s business model is uniquely poised to keep up with the healthcare industry’s growth and Colorado’s unique needs. Not only do our clinics offer physical therapy, they also provide otolaryngology and audiology services, so our franchisees can serve a wider range of customers.

Furthermore, our proprietary app BODYQ helps FYZICAL clients manage their health anytime, anywhere. BODYQ is likely to be a popular draw in busy cities like Colorado. FYZICAL has our sight set on the future of healthcare, so franchisees and clients alike can look forward to more developments like BODYQ in the future!



Current Practice Owner Model

If you currently own a private physical therapy practice in Colorado, FYZICAL will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to get more out of your business as it exists today and position it for greater success in the future.


Start-Up Model

If you are a clinician looking to open your own clinic in Colorado, FYZICAL will give you a head-start with brand recognition and guidance through every step. Put your skills to work for yourself and guarantee yourself a secure future as a private practice owner.


ENT / AuD Practice Model

If you own a Colorado ENT or Audiology practice, adding a FYZICAL Balance center to your practice will enhance your patient care and financial opportunity. 


Non-Clinical Investor Model

Are you a savvy investor in Colorado looking to enter the health and wellness space? Do you have a passion for people and profit? At the #1 Physical Therapy Franchise, we have an opportunity that's perfect for you!

How Fyzical dominates the pt industry


Keeping Up on Industry Trends

As a FYZICAL franchisee, your main focus will be on growing your health and wellness business in Colorado. Our team will work on the bigger picture behind the scenes by researching industry trends and updating our products and services. With our support, your franchise will remain in high demand among Colorado's residents.


Flexibility & Multi-Unit Opportunities

FYZICAL stands out from other franchises because our business model is remarkably flexible. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all services because every community is unique. You might opt to focus on physical therapy only, or you can add additional services if there’s a demand for them in your area.

When you’ve found the model that works for you, why stop at a single practice? FYZICAL has multi-unit and Master Franchisee opportunities available to help you develop an entire area! You’re free to open multiple locations simultaneously or add them over time. We’re here to support you no matter what you decide.


A Time-Tested Model

FYZICAL franchisees don’t need to come from a healthcare background because there’s no need for them to provide services themselves. Rather, they focus on running their business and implementing our processes. We’ve spent years developing a simple and effective franchise system that’s been proven to work in 400+ locations nationwide. Your franchisee training will teach you just about everything you need to know about running a PT franchise in Colorado, and our team is there to support you along the way.


The franchising process will be slightly different for each new franchisee, but a few key steps remain the same. These are just a few of the important stages you’ll work through in the process of opening your health and wellness business in Colorado.

01. Initial Inquiry

The best way to get details on opening a healthcare franchise in Colorado, or to see how our franchise would work in your unique circumstances, is to get in touch. We’ll be able to give you more specific information when we hear from you!

02. Opening Call

The next step will be an opening call with more members of the FYZICAL team. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how running a FYZICAL franchise will fit into your career. We’ll also want to learn more about your background, and your goals for your FYZICAL franchise.

03. Webinar Attendance

When you attend one of our webinars, you’ll get a closer look at our processes to see exactly how the FYZICAL business model works in practice. In this step, you’ll learn more about day-to-day business and what your job as a franchisee will entail.

04. FDD Review

You’ll be provided with a copy of our franchise disclosure document (FDD) to review on your own time. The FDD lays out all of the important details you’ll need to know about investing in a physical therapy business in Colorado, including the benefits you can look forward to and the financial obligations you’ll take on.

05. Discovery Day

You’ll take part in our Discovery Day, during which time you’ll get to know our team and who you’ll be working with later in the process, and learn more about what to expect when you open a FYZICAL franchise.

06. New Franchise

Once your business opens its doors, our support doesn’t stop. We’ll continue to monitor your progress, work with you on streamlining your operations, adding new lines of service, and much more.

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