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FYZICAL Therapy Balance Centers - Balance therapy Harness System



Today Americans age 65+ make up about 15% of the population. It's estimated that they'll make up about 25% of the population by 2060, while the number of 65+ adults will triple resulting in a significantly increased patient base.


PT is a fragmented industry with no clear leading companies. Our work in the industry has led us to operate under the understanding that 20 of the largest providers capture approximately 21% of the market share. This spells a great opportunity for FYZICAL investors who are able to leverage our time-tested business model and far-reaching support network.


Healthcare businesses tend to command a higher multiple upon sale than most other industries. It's common for PT practices to sell for 4-7 multiple of EBITDA. 

FYZICAL Therapy Balance Centers - Balance therapy Harness System


Number of Open FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers in 45 states. Our revolutionary business model is designed to optimize profitability and growth and offers comprehensive patient care, products and services.


The U.S. physical therapy industry was estimated at $34.5 Billion in 2018, and is projected to increase by 6.2% annually! This sector is highly fragmented with no clear market leader. Coupled with an aging and active population, these demographics favor sustained growth in patients seeking or requiring rehabilitation services.


leading companies with a market share greater than 5%. This fragmented market share spells great opportunity for FYZICAL investors who are able to leverage our time-tested business model and far-reaching support network.

Open a FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Franchise in Mississippi

Mississippi is one of our hot markets for 2021-2022 healthcare franchise growth! Mississippi is ripe with opportunity, home to a cooperative and responsive state government, and one of the top 10 states with the lowest cost of doing business.  The Magnolia State of Mississippi offers untapped potential and a collaborative ecosystem that has led to innovations in every section from IT to Healthcare - the most innovative companies are based here, so when it comes to where you should start a highly successful medical franchise - Mississippi is second to none!

Between its highly qualified workforce and tremendous growth opportunities, it's hard to find a reason not to bring new healthcare services to Mississippi. The FYZICAL model makes preventative and rehabilitative care accessible! Open a location in Mississippi today!

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FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers in Mississippi

FYZICAL: Why Invest in a Medical Franchise?

There are lots of great reasons to invest in a FYZICAL medical franchise in Mississippi. These are just a few!


The FYZICAL model has been shown to be especially profitable thanks to its efficiency and multiple revenue streams. Contact us to get the details!

Patient Conversions

Our in-demand products and services, along with simplicity when it comes to booking appointments and billing, help our franchisees attract clients.

10 Point Management System

The FYZICAL team will train you on our 10 point management system that was created to help practices simplify their operations while maximizing profit.


Additional Revenue Opportunities

In addition to the regular physical therapy services, your practice can also offer balance services to dizzy patients as well as PTRx solutions

Unique Differentiator

FYZICAL's proprietary Balance Paradigm system empowers our PTs to treat balance and vestibular diagnoses that other providers simply can't.  Our key differentiator.

Cutting Edge Training

We want to help you stay on top of cutting-edge industry trends. Our initial and ongoing training programs are designed to set you up for success.



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Innovative Business Model for Entrepreneurs


When you invest in FYZICAL, you are choosing a growing medical franchise. We see ourselves as a franchisor that works to support our franchisees’ clinics in the ways that work best for them. Franchisees are not expected to operate under a rigid franchise model; rather, they can take advantage of the FYZICAL offerings that will best serve their community and their business. 

Members of the FYZICAL Family radiate excitement and enthusiasm because our franchise model is transforming an industry dominated by hospitals and corporations and putting it back into the hands of private practice owners.

As an investor looking to break into the healthcare industry, FYZICAL has the support system in place to help you navigate the complexity of setting up your clinic and effectively managing it moving forward. 


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Do I Need Healthcare Experience?

Not at all. Your corporate support team is comprised of some of the greatest business and medical minds in the industry, and we've got the process of opening a physical therapy clinic down to a science - so rest assured we can help you every step of the way.  You will be required to hire and maintain a physical therapist on your staff - but we help you with that too!  

How Much Does it Cost?

The total initial investment in a FYZICAL clinic will likely fall between $138,750 – $361,500. The exact amount you’ll end up investing will depend on a number of variables, such as where your clinic will be located, how many services you’ll initially offer, and so forth.

How Will I Get Patients?

Marketing is critical to growing any business, FYZICAL provides you with marketing support to greatly simplify this task. This includes website hosting/SEO, ready-made TV commercials, digital marketing training and support, customizable collateral and marketing materials, and much more! 


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Do you want more information about starting a medical franchise with FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers?

We currently have Multi-Unit Territory, and Single-Unit Options available for development in the Mississipi market.  Request more information today!