Why Franchise?

With FYZICAL, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve Patient Care
  • Make More Money
  • Secure Your Future
  • Grow Your Business
  • Remain 100% Independent

The future of healthcare will not allow private practice owners to keep operating in the same fashion and expect the same results. Therefore, FYZICAL has created the most sophisticated physical therapy/balance franchise business model in the world.

FYZICAL’s revolutionary business system is specifically geared for private practice owners who want to remain 100% independently owned, yet still thrive in the new age of healthcare and into the future.

From advanced balance therapies and medically-based fitness programs, to automated patient referral systems, management strategies, and marketing tools to generate additional lines of revenue, you’ll take advantage of a multimillion-dollar business model that helps you offer what no other organization in the world does.

Your Personalized, Strategic Planning Session

Our team will meet with you to assess the current state of your business and pinpoint areas for improvement. We’ll help you develop a strategic five-year plan, ensure you’ve received thorough training and have access to the resources you need, and provide ongoing support whenever you need it. With FYZICAL, you’re in control of your business, but you never have to do it all alone.

With FYZICAL, you will take advantage of:

  • FYZICAL College

    You’ll have access to more than 4,000 ever-evolving pages of specific answers to today’s challenges. This is your “how-to guide” for running a successful business. FYZICAL College provides all the details to common challenges: billing, compliance, collections, hiring, IT, management, marketing, equipment, center design, training, accounting, legal, EMR, and hundreds of other answers to everyday questions.
  • #1 Balance Program

    The premier systems-driven balance therapy program in the world, you’ll become the ONLY answer for treating balance and fall prevention patients, in a huge market with a MASSIVE unmet need. There has never been a better time to get into the business of balance. The benefits are real and they are huge. After improving the efficiency of your current business, your greatest opportunity lies within FYZICAL’s balance program. FYZICAL’s balance program is easy to implement and provides you with a roadmap to a booming balance business! You will discover the plan and training to help you and your staff every step of the way. Balance is the future, and FYZICAL’s balance program is the industry standard.
  • BODYQ®

    Do you ever sit and wait by the fax machine waiting for referrals? Do you ever look at your schedule and know you do not have enough initial evals? There is an answer. BODYQ is the answer to decreasing your dependency on insurance. You will begin driving cash paying patients to your door, become a referral source in your community, build reciprocal relationships with doctors, and generate additional revenue not dependent on insurance reimbursement. BODYQ allows you to determine what your patient needs—whether it’s PT, physician referral, fitness, etc.—making you the expert on what’s best for their overall physical health. BODYQ is a major piece of why FYZICAL is the future of healthcare, and is available exclusively to FYZICAL members.
  • Support Team of Experts

    A team of dedicated business experts and medical professionals all on your side, working to ensure your success every day. With FYZICAL, you have an army of expert professionals and PT colleagues standing by your side, ready to assist you with whatever you need in to achieve success and provide the highest quality patient care possible. Need to consult with a marketing specialist? You’ve got one. Business question? You’ve got some of the best business professionals in the world! Compliance question? Medical or PT question? Want to learn more about balance, sports therapy, advanced technologies, SEO optimization? You’ve got experts in all these areas.
  • Elite Network of PTs

    In addition to the full-time support team, you’ll have access to hundreds of practice owners on your team! Join private practice owners working together, sharing the most successful, proven programs with experts in every specialty. A wide range of specialists exists throughout the FYZICAL family: balance, orthopedic, nutrition, fitness, spine, medically based fitness, audiology, women’s health, TMJ, and many others. You have access to every contact, and it only benefits the entire brand to work together to provide the best outcomes across the country. There is even a private Facebook group of all FYZICAL family members sharing information each and every day on best practices, new strategies and helping work through daily challenges.
  • Strength in Numbers

    - As a private practice owner, you may feel isolated, powerless, or unsupported. Many of our members felt that way once too. FYZICAL offers the opportunity to take control of your business, have completely independent ownership of your practice, and gain access to the training and support of FYZICAL’s expansive network of experts and specialists.
    • Negotiated insurance contracts: Get paid more for the services you provide! Take advantage of something you would never be able to acquire on your own, increased reimbursements.
    • Buying Power / Equipment Discounts: Take advantage of reduced costs on supplies, and significant discounts on equipment purchases
    • Branding: Become part of a world-class brand consumers are bound to know and love as the brand continues expansion across the globe. Watch Discovery Video to see how this very well could become your best asset with FYZICAL.
    • Risk Avoidance: This proven business model will help you avoid so many mistakes that have already been made! FYZICAL’s business model will help you prevent making these mistakes in the first place.​​​​​​
  • Resources Galore

    An abundance of resources, programs, and cutting-edge technology no single business owner would ever be able to have access to on their own.​​​​​​
  • Exit Strategy/Wealthy Retirement

    - Do you have an Exit Strategy? As a member of FYZICAL, you will. FYZICAL members can:
    • Exit. FYZICAL has become an acquirer for franchisees who have rebranded to FYZICAL and want to sell.
    • Partnership. With company owned operations, FYZICAL has opened the door to equity partnerships for those seeking capital and partnership opportunities.
    • Independent Growth. FYZICAL now works with franchisees for financing and assisting with capital acquisitions.

Whatever your goals, FYZICAL can help you lead your way to a wealthy retirement/exit strategy. Watch this Discovery Day video to learn more.


If you were to compare analyzing the FYZICAL opportunity to reading a 15-chapter book, let’s just say you’ve glanced at the cover. There is so much more involved with this opportunity, which is the exact reason so many private practice owners who’ve joined FYZICAL are achieving such great success in their business.

What can you accomplish with our revolutionary physical therapy franchise?

Because of the great demand and interest from PTs, Audiologists, Otolaryngologists, Neurologists, and investors, we have produced Discovery Videos for each specialty to help you discover more information regarding the FYZICAL opportunity.

To discover whether FYZICAL is right for you, click here to watch a Discovery Video relevant to your specialty! Find out when and where we’ll be and how you can register by visiting our Events page.


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