Tony Macaluso

Franchisee in New Orleans, LA

"My business grew 28% before spending one penny marketing. This growth was attributed simply to improving the efficiency inside my current practice since joining FYZICAL. My cash sales have also grown from $2,000 to $48,000. Prior to FYZICAL, I looked at my business short-term. Did I have enough money that month to pay the bills? I never looked long term. Now, I have a 5 yearplan. I have a purpose. If I follow everything,and stick to my strategic plan, I know I am going to get where I am going to be."

First Meeting FYZICAL

Tony Macaluso FYZICAL Franchisee Success StoryMy name is Tony Macaluso. It was 2014, and FYZICAL kept sending me letters, and I kept throwing them in the trash. They didn’t stop. I finally started reading the letters, and I thought they were just another group of yahoos trying to take money from me. So I continued throwing them in the trash. Sure enough, FYZICAL didn’t stop mailing me. My business was heading in the wrong direction, reimbursements were decreasing and my revenue was declining year after year. I finally went to one of a PT Revolution event in Houston, TX, which was about a 5 hour drive away. Attending this event was the best decision I’ve ever made in my business.

When I got to PT Revolution, I’d be lying if I didn’t go in with furrowed brows, crossed arms, and a closed-mind. It wasn’t long before my attitude changed. For those 4 hours, it seemed like it was 15 minutes long. Every question I had was answered. They had answers to everything; the new health age, running a business, the future of therapy, and so much more. I wanted more. I needed the nuts and bolts. I setup a secondary meeting with FYZICAL, brought my wife, and she agreed this was a good idea for my business.

My Wake-Up Call

I thought I was going to start with FYZICAL and begin generating more referrals andincrease my revenue. What I didn’t realize was my business was extremely inefficient. I needed to take control of my current business before focusing on generating additional revenue, which would have led to increased inefficiency. My first task was creating an operationally excellent practice. So I got to work on my business, implementing FYZICAL’s Daily Management Report, Vital Stats, and Pillars of Success.

Prior to joining FYZICAL, I thought I knew how to run a business and had at least MOST of the answers. Since I’ve been with FYZICAL, I keep asking myself, “How did I survive?

I am now embracing these numbers each and every day, digesting them, asking myself what I can do differently to improve them. I’ve become a proactive business owner, not reactive. If my numbers aren’t where they need to be, I know WHY. Before, I would say it’s a slow time of the year, or maybe even blame the weather. Now, I know exactly what’s going on in my business. For example, I’ve increased my conversion rate to 85%, which I know I still need to improve (it was around 60% before FYZICAL), and my arrival rate hovers around 91-92% (low 80s when I started with FYZICAL). FYZICAL has action steps on how to improve these numbers day one in your practice, and they aren’t difficult to implement. These simple things can really be the difference between profit and no-profit.

I’m running a very different business today vs. when I started with FYZICAL.

Tony Macaluso FYZICAL Franchisee snapshot success storyNow that my practice is running at a much higher efficiency, I have started implementing many of FYZICAL’s strategies for growth. Prior to FYZICAL, I was generating approximately $2,000/year in cash sales. In 2016, I generated over $48,000. I realize this may not sound like a huge amount to some larger practices, but this is $109 per unique patient that walks through my doors. For a multi-million dollar practice, this number skyrockets for you. I am also budgeted to generate $60,000 in cash sales in 2017, and I am off to a good head start. This is because of FYZICAL’s value offering. They’ve shown me what products and services to offer, and how to offer them.

You’re going to do things you’ve never done as a business owner, and it’s going to show in your bottom line.

My only regret? I wish I jumped in earlier.

Prior to FYZICAL, I looked at my business short-term. Did I have enough money that month to pay the bills. I never looked long term. Now, I have a 5 year plan. I have a purpose. If I follow everything, and stick to my strategic plan, I know I am going to get where I am going to be. To give you an idea of what has taken place in my practice with FYZICAL:

  • 2014 – Revenue: $410k
  • 2016 – Revenue: $524k (28% growth)
  • 2017 – Budgeted Revenue: $700k (34%)

As you can tell, not massive growth the first couple of years with FYZICAL, but remember, I was not focused on growth at this point. This 28% growth was attributed simply to improving my efficiency inside my current practice. I did not go out and invest in marketing or new equipment, etc. I’m expecting large growth moving forward, as I have recently incorporated FYZICAL’s balance program, BodyQ, continued increasing cash-based sales, and so much more.

If you are looking for growth, a secure future, and you don’t want to fight the fight alone anymore, what are you waiting for? If I were to tell you one thing, listen to FYZICAL. You can’t go wrong. Find a way to attend a PT Revolution event.


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