FYZICAL Acquires Kleven Institute

LAS VEGAS, NV – 15 Jun 2017: FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center owner, Scott Pensivy, has acquired the renowned Kleven Institute of Physical Therapy. For over four decades, D. Keith Kleven has operated one of the most successful physical therapy practices in the country. Pensivy’s mentor and friend, famous for his contribution to athletic training and therapy to performers and professional athletes, has retired and passes the torch to Pensivy. “I am honored and humbled to carry on the torch. I can give back to a mentor and continue to emulate his care, knowledge and passion to the patient and the profession,” said Pensivy.

Pensivy’s 30 plus years of patient focused sports therapy has earned him a reputation with everyone from high school teams to professional athletes. Pensivy’s practice provides specialty care, including: concussion, balance, aqua therapy, dry needling, dance, Pilates, fitness gym training and special modalities often not seen in traditional physical therapy practices.

Kleven’s legacy was to provide quality care to each and every patient and to urge them to continue their care into wellness, thus avoiding further injury. FYZICAL shares in this well based care philosophy, which includes education during the healing process, for all patients. For his pro athletes, Pensivy does not simply focus on returning patients to an active roster. Pensivy emphasized, “We have certified athletic trainers and will continue to educate and provide individualized protocols and care for each athlete.”

By acquiring the Kleven Institute, Pensivy now owns his fifth clinic, treating the Las Vegas area. The merging of the Kleven Institute is complete and without disruption of patient care. Before the acquisition was complete, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Anthony Tabor, worked at the Kleven Institute to ensure continuity of care. Pensivy also sent Tabor to develop relationships with patients and staff, prior to the acquisition.

Pensivy has had the fortunate opportunity to treat several professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, CBA, NBA, WNBA, IHL, SPGA, UFC, the ABL league, LPGA, and the PGA. Pensivy’s expansion of his business means a greater impact on the local community and a significant impact across the professional sports community. In fact, Pensivy has already been working with newly crowned Golden State Warriors and Head Coach Steve Kerr. In closing, Pensivy stated, “FYZICAL has allowed me to become a better practitioner, better person, and better business owner. As the brand expands across the globe, we’ll be able to continue merging brilliant therapist minds, all working together to ensure the highest quality of patient care.”


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